The Awards that I've won.

Thanking all who have thought my page deserved them.

don't point your mouse at me!Hello! I just like to say...thank you. Thank you to all the little people get the picture. This page shows all the awards the Ice Palace and Sinister has won. I want to thank all the people who sent in the awards. I'm very grateful. Unfortunately some of the pages that have given me awards have shut down, so I will only list some by words.

I will be setting up a page for winning a award of mine. I just have to create the award. I love giving out awards as receiving them! :)

Now for the awards this site has won!

My first award! Thanks to Mega Matt!

Oh my! Another one! Cold Pyro's awesome award! Thanks buddy!

Goodness, I'm just the lucky one. MegamanXPro's grand award! It's so purdy.

What happened to Gyro Man's award!! Well, I'll keep it up even though it fails to load. I miss my flying buddy. :(

Ahhh...Shortcut's awesome award. I feel so honored getting an award from him. I can almost cry...but I better not.

Awesome shiny award ShadowX! I love it! Thanks man!

Coolness! I snagged Sola's award! I love it! Keep 'em coming.

It just gets better and better. Check out this Golden award from Vile X!

Wow! Plant Man's awesome award! I need to get a bigger awards shelf. I didn't realize how many awards I can get. Thank again everyone!

Will you look at that, an award from my pal Groovy Kat! This award shelf is about to break due to the amount of awards I've received!

Coolness! I like this one! Thanks WarpStation!

The Mega Man Galaxy Award, check it out!

Cool! Sinister's first award! Thanks MD!

Yes! We've snagged another one! And this one looks great. I'm proud to accept it. Thanks Dust Man!