The Mega Man Cartoon.

The not so popular TV show

don't point your mouse at me! Hi there, welcome to the Mega Man Cartoon Page. This page is pretty much dedicated to the Mega Man Cartoon Show that was canceled before the 3rd season began.

I was a big fan of the show. And I have all the current episodes recorded on tape. And because of this, I'm going to take pictures of the Robot Masters, scan them and display them here. Mostly because of requests from other MM fans, and because I want too!

As you know, there was 2 seasons of the cartoon show. And there was going to be 3 seasons, but the third season was cut before or "canceled" before it was released.

This section will include Pics from the show (which will be updated a lot), and a list of all the episodes with descriptions, and maybe a few pics of my Mega Man Cartoon Show Toys that I have. So enjoy the page.


Mega Man is happy
Proto Man armed and dangerous
A confused Snake Man
Cut Man with an attitude
Ice Man's Arctic Blast
Watch out! It's Elec Man!
The Awesome power of Magnet Man
Pharaoh Man has entered the room
Metal Man the Warrior
Bomb Man's enjoyment
Crash Man ready for action
The bulldozer Guts Man
Don't make Drill Man mad
Bright Man's grudge
Fire Man's Inferno
Battle with Stone Man
It's Roll


These episodes aren't listed in any particular order.

The Beginning: This was the first episode in Season 1, and includes all the robots from Mega Man 1. And although the story was a little off in this show, it still was good. The episode includes Mega Man getting injured in battle, and he has a flash back of when he was first created, and when Dr. Wily turned evil. I liked this one, but I've seen much better episodes.
Note, Cut Man and Guts Man will appear in all the episodes.

The Electric Nightmare This episode has Bright Man and Pharaoh Man in it. And it's one of the better ones, even if the plot was stupid. Dr Wily found a way to control all electric devices. Like Toasters, and all electrical appliances. One funny thing is that Mega Man, Roll, and Rush get chased by a Hot Dog Stand. Hehehehehehehe. Anyways, the ending with Pharaoh Man and Mega Man facing each other got me involved. I loved it!

Mega Pinnoco (I think I spelled it right) This is one of the dumber shows. I didn't like this one hardly at all. Besides the cameo of Enker...yes there's a cameo of Enker in this episode. You have to look carefully. Anyways...Dr. Peto, a scientist was discovered a way to turn his robots into living humans. (What's the point)? After saving his work, Dr. Peto offered Mega Man a chance to be human. But Dr. Peto is really a robot created by Dr. Wily to fool Mega Man into a mind control chip. Cool appearances are made by Spark Man, Magnet Man, Crash Man, and Ring Man.

The Big Shake One of my favorites, Dr. Wily has discovered a way to strike strategy with Earthquakes. His underground operations have made this possible. Appearances made by Drill Man and Stone Man. Dr. Wily uses this new tactic to destroy half the city so the governor would turn it over to him. And using a small device he is able to track Mega Man's every movement And after destroying Dr. Light's Laboratory, it seemed Dr. Wily has won. But Mega Man isn't easily beaten.

Mega Man in the Moon With the new Space Station and a homebase on the moon, Humans seemed to have come a long way. And with the technology of a new Super Laser on the moon, it draws Dr. Wily to it. He, Proto Man, Cut Man, Guts Man, and Crystal Man plan in invasion on the moon to get hold of the Super Laser so that Dr. Wily can watch every living being on Planet Earth. Now Mega Man is out to stop the evil scientist once again from ruling the planet.

2000 Leagues Under The Sea Under Sea Mining Corporation is on a break through with a new natural resource. Super Titanium Ore. Hearing this Dr. Wily uses his undersea bots to seize control of the Mining Corporation and to keep the powerful supply of Super Titanium Ore. This new resource will make his robots even more powerful. Mega Man now is off to tangle with Wily, Proto Man, Guts Man, and Cut Man. Also Wave Man and Dive Man are in this cartoon. And Where's Bubble Man at!?

Incredible Shrinking Mega Man One of the dumber episodes (my opinion), Dr. Wily is able to shrink cities with a special kind of crystal that boosts his Shrinking ray. Trying to stop Dr. Wily's operation Mega Man and Rush get shrunk themselves. Now they have to stop Wily at their new size and reverse the shrink rays effects. Dust Man makes an appearance here along with Cut Man and Guts Man.

Bot Transfer

Ice Age

Cold Steel

The Time Machine (can't remember title at the moment)

The Strange Island of Dr. Wily


These episodes aren't listed in any particular order.

Crime of the Century


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