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The Blooper
Iceman Adopted it from Shadowblade in 8-bit Blues. The Blooper looks innocent and harmless. But deep down inside, it is a very dangorus creature. It spends its pass times away from The Super Mario Universe (where it originated) and enjoys showing others up. It's cute laugh can be heard mocking those it just played a joke on.

Strange Fact:
Gary could of picked any "Super Mario Brothers" enemy to star in the series...but he chose Blooper cause it has always been his favorite enemy as a kid.

Elemental Tribute:

2 feet exact

20 IBS

The Blooper up close.
The Blooper Up Close.

Blooper Epilouge Sprite
Blooper Epilouge Sprite.

S6 Epilouge Appearances:
Sinister Six: Issue 13- 8-bit Blues
Sinister Six: Issue 27-April Fools Day Special 2: Enter the Dragoon
Blooper Database Picture
Blooper Database Picture.

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