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Gary (Iceman): First Generation (Season's 1-3)
The Original founder of Team Sinister Six, Iceman became a legend when he created his team, as shortly after many other teams had formed in inspiration to Iceman's unique and clever concept. Iceman has a very respected sense of humor, however he's got a hidden dark side that little has ever seen. This dark side had been revealed in Iceman vs Red, when Iceman becomes temporarly evil. Other than this rare flaw, Iceman is free spirited and enjoys being with his team mates. Iceman is a skilled warrior and has even been known to take down opponents 10 times his size. Though strong, fast, and deadly, at times the other members complain about his annoying spree of pranks that he likes to pull. He's armed with Ice Attributes and a abnormally large, golden Mallet made of solid steel.

Strange Fact:
His Mallet weighs more than he does, yet he has little trouble lifting it.

Elemental Tribute:

3 feet

95 IBS

Transmetal Iceman: 2nd Generation (Season 4-?)
Thought to have perished during the Iceman vs Red Saga, Iceman returns in his transmetal armor as a twisted wreck of his former self. Confused, and short of small memory loss, Iceman works solo as a "gasp" outcast in the Sinister Six 2nd Generation. The Sinister Six now having The Ice Climber Nana as Gary's replacement still belive Gary was destroyed sometime ago. Iceman still sports his mallet, only it's green, and coated with silver.

Elemental Tribute:

5' 11"

145 IBS

Iceman Epilouge Sprite, Generation 1Iceman Generation 1
Iceman Generation 1

Iceman CD
Iceman Collectible CD

Iceman, Sinister Six Comic Series
Iceman, Collectible Comic Sketch

Iceman Epilouge Sprite, Generation 2 (not evil)
Transmetal Iceman Sprite

Iceman, Transmetal Armor
Iceman Transmetal Armor

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Iceman Database Picture
Iceman Database Picture

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