The Backstreet Project
The Backstreet Project
The Backstreet Project crossed over with The Sinister Six in a long epic. At first they were enemies, but soon became friends after certain elements. The Backstreet Project came to be when they had discovered amulets givin to them from a mysterious force named Zanell. Pleading the five young men to help her in time of crisis. From then on they fight the evil robotic army of Queen Sinissta.

Nick as Ninja-Man
Nick is driven by ancient and arcane Ninja Powers that transform him into an unparalleled martial artist. This guy makes any samuri look like he's stuck in glue. He's got a magnificent sword that's sharp enough to shave the whiskers of a housefly. With blinding speed, incredible stealth and tireless stamina, Nick can defeat the fearcest of foes.

Strange Fact:

Elemental Tribute:

6' 2"

165 IBS

Nick up close.
Nick Up Close.

Ninja-Man Epilouge Sprite
Ninja-Man Epilouge Sprite.

Backstreet Project Promotion Cover
Backstreet Project Promotion Cover

S6 Epilouge Appearances:
Sinister Six: Issue 6-Yahoo Auctions Staring Gary!
Sinister Six: Issue 11- The Sinister Six meet The Backstreet Project
Sinister Six: Issue 14-The April Fools Special
Sinister Six: Issue 16- Year of the Fox

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