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Scorpion (1st Form)
Scorpion was retrieved in 21XX by Super Chaos in the cross-over Tale of Two Teams. Unique in its design Scorpion is a "living machine" or so told in the epic. Scorpion is famous for being the only villian to destroy a Sinister Six member, Edward (the old Elecman). Now trapped in 20XX Scorpion plans to destroy the remaining members one by one. Scorpion is the most hated public enemy in the Megaman Community for his inhuman slaughter of Edward. Scorpion has telepathic powers, and enorumus laser power. He proves to be worthy adversary. Even Ben had trouble fighting him in Year of The Fox.

Strange Fact:
Orignally Scorpion was to be the main adversary of the Sinister Six instead of Super Chaos, before I changed it to what it is today.

Elemental Tribute:

6' 1"

151 IBS

Scorpion (2nd Form)
After being defeated in Season 4 and banished into space, Scorpion's destroyed body glows with an erie crystalline life substance, and with a sudden jolt of power a new life sprung and Scorpion is yet again free. In a form of a twisted mutation of the old Scorpion, this monster is truly evil. Scorpion now has elemental attacks based in his tail. So you never know what kind of dreaded attacks he'll unleash!

Elemental Tribute:

5' 12"

210 IBS

Scorpion Database Picture.
Scorpion Database Picture.

Scorpion Epilouge Sprite
Scorpion Epilouge Sprite.

Scorpion Epilouge Sprite, 2nd form
Scorpion's 2nd form

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Sinister Six: Issue 7-Tale Of Two Teams
Sinister Six: Issue 8-Edward's Funeral!
Sinister Six: Issue 10-The Twilight Zone
Sinister Six: Issue 16- Year of the Fox
Sinister Six: Issue 24-Gutsman's Big Break
Sinister Six: Issue 27-April Fools Day Special 2: Enter the Dragoon
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