It's time to name that Robot Master

Who can it be?

Don't forget to play HUNT FOR SHADOW MAN! The rules are listed on the bottom of this page.

don't point your mouse at me!Hey, it's time to have some fun! This is where you guess that Robot Master! Now to get you all motivated and excited to play this game! Hey, this is my webpage...

*Can you do it, Of course you can!
Give it a try, it's not all that bad.

You might as well try since you are here.
Give it a shot, let's give it a cheer.

You got nothing to lose, so go ahead and try.
For goodness sakes this song is running dry.

No, you aint guessing Barney, Tigger or Casper,
It's time to guess that Robot Masterrrrrrrrrrrrr*

Okay, that's enough of that. Now for the contest.


Okay, now guess the Robot Master that is next to this panel. Yes, it's a Robot Master, it's just been messed up a little. That's the whole point of this contest. Can you figure it out? The first couple people to email me the correct answer will have the pleasure of having their name listed in this section under the hall of fame. Now guess away!!

(A HINT: The Robot Master's last name is "Man".) Hehehe, like I'm going to give any hints.

The Winners:

Xardion (Official Tester)


The answer to Contest 2 was Air Man. The next one will be even harder. So watch for it.


The winners: Xardion, SKr, MegamanXPro, and Mega Matt

Our last two contests, Drill Man and Air Man were revealed, who will it be next time?

Hunt for Shadow Man

But if it's a contest you're looking for, than check this out. I've hidden Shadow Man on this site. He's very cleverly hidden. Being the sneaky little devil that he is... Email me if you see him in his hiding spot and I'll will acknowledge you "greatly" on this page.

And to answer your the pics of him in the Robot Master Database, CD's Page, Sprites Page, (Soccer conversions) or The Funnies Page isn't the answer. That's too obvious. Remember, he can be anywhere. Probably in the last place you'd expect him to be. So, good luck on your search.

The Winners

These people found him, can you?

Plant Man
Duo 000

Common (wrong) Answers

These are "good" answers, didn't think about these, but they aren't the Shadow Man I purposely hid from you. Be sure and check here and note where "not" to look. Consider it a hint. =P

1) It's not the Shadow Man on the select screen in the "Battle and Chase" Screen shot at Sinister Six 101.

2) It's not the animated Spring Man pic with Shadow Man's face on it in Sinister Six 101.

3) It's not the link to "Shadow Lands" on the links page.

Watch for the next contest.