Death Anubis

Emissary of Death

STORY: Death Anubis is the reincarnation of Pharaoh Man in a maverick body. Pharaoh Man reincarnate in a maverick thanks to the great power of Anubis, the Egyptian god, who gave new life to Pharaoh Man so that he become his emissary of destruction in the earth preparing the path for Anubis' next visit. Anubis wanted to dominate it with terror, hate and his terrible power.

INTRO: A portal opens up and Death Anubis emerges of it.


Death Anubis being a reincarnation of Pharaoh Man have all his abilities but he doesn't have that terrible weakness to the attacks that freeze time but he also has his own attack that freezes the time for a short period.

His powerful scythe gives him a great reach and power but it can be destroyed if it receives a great damage. That reduces his physical power considerably. Fortunately this doesn't happen often.

Death Anubis has an imposing body but with a normal stature and he has a normal armor which gives him a good defense and great speed.

His special attacks aren't very powerful but they can quickly load the special bar that allows him to use his powerful hyper attacks. His hyper attacks can be combined to cause a incredible damage.

-Offense1: 8 (With Death Anubis Scythe)
-Offense2: 4 (Without Death Anubis Scyther)
-Defense: 6
-Speed: 6
-H Combos: 6
-Combos: 4
-Overall: 6


-Anubis Shoot:
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Any Punch
(improved Pharaoh Shoot) Death Anubis builds a ball of red energy in his hand then he throws it to the opponent with great speed


Down for one second, up
Death Anubis teleport himself to the other side of the screen with a portal that appears under him.

-Shadow Wall:
Back, Forward, Back, Any Kick
It is a wall of shades that appears in front of Death Anubis and that can stop almost all the special attacks but it's useless against physical attacks since it cannot hurt the opponent.

-Ground Claw:
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Any Kick
A claw of shades appears in the floor and it attacks the opponent from below.

-Ruby Shield:
Down, Down-Back, Back, Any Punch
A red energy shield surrounds Death Anubis and it blocks the physical attacks causing similar damage to the opponent.

-Soul Drain:

Down, Down-Back, Back, Forward, Any Punch
Death Anubis drain some of his opponent's energy with his scythe.


-Anubis Curse:
Down, Down-back, Back, Forward, Forward-Down, Down, Kick+Punch
Death Anubis stops the time for a short period

-Ruby Blast:
Back, Back-Down, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Two Punches
Death Anubis shoots a red ray of energy to his opponent very similar to Ryu's Ha-Do-ken.

-Shadow Death:
Forward, Forward-Down, Down, Down-Back, Back, Two Punches
The screen is darkened and Death Anubis makes a cut with his scythe to the opponent doing great damage, this attack is unstoppable. It is possible only if Death Anubis has his scyther.

-Hyper Shoot:
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Two Punches
Exactly the same Anubis Shoot but 10 times bigger and powerful.


-Back Scythe:
Forward+Kick Near The Opponent
Death Anubis goes through his opponent with his scythe and then throws him back.

-Scythe Throw:
Forward+Punch Near The Opponent
Death Anubis goes through his opponent with his scythe and makes him spin, then he throw his opponent forward.

Press Select
-Death Anubis Floats in his place with his arms crossed and laughing.

"The sun does not shine long for those who defy me"
"Death is my business"
"You can't fight against death"
"Next station... HELL!!!"

-Death Anubis say one of his victory quotes, hit the floor with his scythe and then he disappears through a portal surrounded in a red aura

after defeated all the protectors of the earth whit the help of Death Anubis, The Egyptian god Anubis emerges from the world of darkness to dominate the universe. The god Anubis turn Death Anubis into his right hand and Anubis grants him the right to govern the earth as he wants. That means sure death for all the human race.

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