One Very Mysterious Guy

STORY: This is the ever secretive member of the Mechanical Maniacs known as Gauntlet. He leads his team and is known for being sneaky and underhanded in battle. No one knows exactly why he's entered the tournament. A few say it's to bun all the money in front of the contestants to annoy them. Other suggest perhaps he won't to use the money to finally track down Superman # 25. Still others suggest he's trying to get back at Iceman for some sort of prank he pulled.

Unlocking Shadowman: Unlocking Shadowman can be quite difficult. He can be a powerful ally, but he can also be a powerful foe. First you must win 25 battles in a row without using the high kick or high punch button (not even in combos). Then you will fight in front of the Technodrome, Shadowman's area. Without using the high kicks, high punches or any special moves beat your opponent. Shadowman will then challenge you.

To fight as Shadowman, you must first beat him. After you beat him the first time, he will challenge you randomly as you play. Beat the game twice with more than two thirds of your lifebar filled after every match and Shadowman will be a playable character.

Intro: In a puff of smoke, Shadowman appears! Sometimes a hidden door will open revealing Shadowman. And sill other, he'll just be waiting there while looking at his watch.

Basic Info

Because of his Transmetal Armor, Shadowman has learned all the old moves from other games (such as Neo Geo Pocket and Battle and Chase) and has even learned new techniques. As a member of Viral Infection, Shadowman has the moves of Shadowman EXE as well. Shadowman has a quick recovery and his special gauge fills up faster than other fighters.
His strategy is many small attacks delivered with lightning speed. Eventually, the attacks add up leaving his opponent in the dust.

His stats are a secret.

Regular Moves

Shadowman is unlike some of the other fighters. Because he's a ninja, some of his regular moves have changed.

Flying Kick
Jump + Kick

Shadowman delivers a jumpkick which flies across the screen.

Down + Jump

Shadowman slides across the floor.

Special Moves

Fierce Punch + Forward
Shadowman's signature attack. He throws from one to three or more Shadowblades at his opponent! They go out for a time and then boomerang back as they do! These Shadowblades are very deadly. If an opponent attempts to catch a blade, it will explode giving mass damage! If a Shadowblade hits an opponent, it sill stick to him causing him to slow down for several seconds.

Log Block
Block + Down + back

For no apparent reason, Shadowman can turn into a log and block strong attacks! In this form, Shadowman is invulnerable, but he cannot move.

Tack Attack
Up, Down

In this move, Shadowman disappears in a puff of smoke and reappears upside down from the top of the screen. He throws up to 45 tacks across the screen, and they stay until someone steps on them. These things can be an annoying trick!

Hologram Call
Down, back, weak punch

Shadowman creates 2 holograms of himself which attack his opponent! They all attack the opponent! However, at times, hitting the real one will cause the holograms to disappear and at other times, hitting the Holograms themselves cause them to disappear! Whichever works is randomized.

Smoke Screen
Forward, Down, Dow + Forward, Forward + fierce punch

Smoke will trail Shadowman for the duration of the battle. The smoke will dissipate, but only after a long while, obscuring the screen and making it hard to see!

Forward, Forward, fierce punch

Shadowman will leap forward faster than usual and perform all his non-combo attacks in a flurry of nonstop motion ending in a toss that throws the opponent to the other side of the screen!

Ninja Bomb
Back + strong kick

Shadowman sends a wave of explosions along the ground! The wave is fast and (always) deadly!


Hyper Combos

Shadow Barrage
Down, Forward, Back, weak Kick + Weak Punch

Shadowman will fire a barrage of Shadowblades nonstop for several seconds! Although each Shadowblade on it's own is not too harmful, if not blocked, this powerful attack can cut life by two thirds!

Summon help!
Back, Back, Down, Fierce Punch

Shadowman will call the Mechanical Maniacs to his aid! The summoned member is random. Each 'Maniac will jump in, do their signature move, and jump out! Sometimes this move will summon a giant frog which Shadowman will stay on for the duration of the battle! Shadowman can also summon mini frogs which stay until they are destroyed. They injure opponents if they are touched.

Explosion Array
Back, Back, weak kick, strong kick

Bombs drop all over the screen sending powerful explosions everywhere they land!

Forward, Forward, Forward, Weak Punch + Fierce punch

Unfairly strong, depending on when it's used. This move takes off as much HP as Shadowman has lost! If Shadowman is near death, he will use this to kill his opponent in one fell swoop!

Holds and Throws

Shadowman will slide in, grab his opponent and swing him back and forth on the ground, causing him to lose much life, and end in tossing him across the screen.

Riding the Frog

The frog has a slow moving time, but powerful attacks. While on the frog, Shadowman cannot do any special moves, however he can still summon help. The frog can also leap much higher than Shadowman without the frog.

Tong attack
kick button
The frog sticks out his tong and jabs the opponent!

Frog Shot|
fierce kick
The frog will shoot powerful blasts at the opponent. Hold down to charge up a blast.

Fierce punch
This will activate the frog's powerful fire weapon!

Victory Quotes

"Too Easy!"
"Maybe next time, I'll try harder."
"Victory is Inevitable, Defeat is absurd!"
"And I didn't even have to cheat......"

Taunt Move
Press Select (not next to opponent and not when glowing)

Shadowman will roll his eyes and shout "Let's get going already!"

Using the prize money Shadow Man builds himself a little fortress on a cliff and offers 10 million Zennies to anyone who can successfully get through it.
One day a skilled fighter challenged the fortress and made it through, however he found that there is no money there at all and Shadowman himself had disappeared!
What did Shadowman actually do with all that cash??


Now, THAT is a secret!

Shadowman's Theme

Shadowman's Level

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