Karate Fighting, Videogame Playing Maniac

STORY: Blackbelt used to be an ordinary kid. He eventually got a deep fanatic syndrome with videogames and he learned karate. And he changed his name to Blackbelt. He now combines videogames and Karate into his own brand of fighting. The reason he is fighting is Shrouded in mystery. He also owns the Navi Forte EXE on the team Viral Infection.

Intro: Blackbelt appears in a flash of light.

Basic Info

Balanced. Blackbelt has no real weakpoints, but he doesn't have a real strongpoint either. All of his stats are around average. and since most of his special moves use button combos from famous preexisting moves, though his hyper combos are some of the hardest to pull off. All in all, he's a good fighter.

H Combos.5

Special Moves

down, forward, downforward + punch.

The shouryuken that Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter are famous for. It's strength is dependent on what punch you use.

Dragon Kick
back, back, forward, forward + Kick

Very Similar to the falcon kick in Super Smash Bros. The only difference is that instead of fire, there's this strange blue aura thingy. Very fast and can strike without warning, though only good for ground to ground attacks.

Aerial Dragon Kick
while in the air) up, up, down, down + kick.

Like what happens in Super Smash Bros when you use the Falcon Kick in the air. Excellent for air to ground assault.

Aura Beam
Down, downforward, forward, punch.

From Final Fantasy 6. One of Sabin's Blitz. A simple straight forward beam. The Aura Beam is very powerful, but takes a few seconds to charge up, leaving you wide open. Good for ending combos.

Light Speed
Back, Down, Forward = Punch and Kick

Something taken out of Sonic the Hedgehog's arsenal. It's just a real fast dash forward. Not offensive. Used for dodging. Very effective against fast opponents. Can be performed in the air.


Hyper Combos

double 360 spin plus all 3 punches

Straight from the Final Fantasy series, it's the ultimate black magic: ULTIMA!!! This move is very strong. The move starts out by sending a sphere of blue energy to the center of the screen, and then it EXPLODES, unleashing all of it's fury. It's impossible to dodge, since it fills up the whole battle area, though if it's blocked, it won't do much damage, and it's easy to tell when it's gonna happen.

Metal Cap
Up, Up, Down Down, right, right, left, left, All three Kicks

Blackbelt will put on a Metal Cap, and become completely Metal. This boosts his Defense and Offense to the max, but puts his speed and regular combos to next to nothing. Good for against slow characters.

Robot Master Weaponry
3/4 quarter circle(counter clockwise, starting from forward) followed by a punch.

A very hard move to pull off, but it's worth it. It'll randomly do all of the Robot Master Weapons from one of the Mega Man Games(1-R + F, including Mega Man V[GB] and the four Mega Man Hunters [Enker, Quint, Punk, Ballade]) all in a row. It's a very interesting move to see, and it does allot of damage, despite the fact it varies for each game it uses. SEE ALL 11!!!!!!!!!!

Holds and Throws

Ground to Ground: Blackbelt will grab the opponent by the legs, spin him/her around three times, then let go, sending him/her flying straight into a wall. (Like Mario does to Bowser in Super Mario 64)

Air to Air: Blackbelt will grab the opponent, then throw him/her straight into the ground HARD

Victory Quotes

"That all you got?"
"I've seen Metools stronger then you"
"I've seen Goombas stronger then you"
"I've seen Imps stronger then you"
"I'm Blackbelt, Number one"
"I crave worthier opponents"

Taunt Move
Press Select

Blackbelt makes the peace sign


"It is completed" starts Blackbelt, standing in front of a strange machine "After all of these years. Now I can go anywhere I want. Any place. Any time. Any dimension. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Then the screen fades out.

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