STORY: This owner of CMC is known mostly as "The Smartass" of the Megaman Family. Sometimes he's called the iceman wonnabe, but most are weary of calling him that, since every case so far ends up with the person slammed in the face with a pie. He joined up on this huge brawl for 2 reasons. One, to prank every brawler in site until they just give up to him. Two, to collect enough prize money to buy out the world stock of Cappuccino, Goldfish Crackers, and Green Apples. Just don't ask. Most know the Prankster Duo, Clownman and Iceman, mainly because they never go away. They never give up, especially on April fools.

Intro(s): Clownman Somersaults into the ring from above, Scratching under his nose as a taunt.

Against Iceman: An all out joking duke out starts as Clown tosses pies at Iceman. And Iceman whacks Clownman over his head with his abnormally large mallet. The players can press start and the "real" fight begins.

Against Blaze Heatnix: Clown simply gives Blaze a noogie...while Blaze burns Clown to a crisp. Anyone for Crispy Clowns?

Basic Info

Clownman is a rather odd but useful character. His moves are mostly defensive, making it extremely hard to land a hit on him, if not doing very little damage.

His ability to swing around the field like a damn spider monkey makes it hard to try and land even the smallest punch. Due to his Long Flimsy Arms, whenever Clownman IS hit with an attack, it usually does access damage. He uses his agility and long arms to maneuver all over the field, usually away from the enemy. Most of his moves are based on Spiderman's List (Only Replacing Web Shots with Arms).

H Combos.6

Special Moves

360 Spin

His most famous move, it can be used for both attack and evasiveness. Clownman Darts to the middle Top of the screen, swinging in circles to hit anything not in the corners. Also good for dodging Ground based attacks, but open to any air attacks.

Ground Pound
Back, Down, Back, Fierce Punch

Clownman slams his hands into the ground, having them popup below the enemy. If caught , Clownman slams the enemy back and forth like a rag doll. If it misses, it has considerable lag to make up for the strength.

Thunder Claw
Forward, Down, Forward, Any Punch

Clownman sends a line of lightning towards the enemy, pulling them to Clownman if it hits. Much Like Spiderman's Web Throw, only with electricity, got it?

Pie Throw
Hold Back, Forward + Fierce Punch

He's a clown for pete's sake, what did you expect? Obviously its just a classic Pie throw to the face, which does no damage, but can blind (Paralyze) the enemy for a brief second or two. Once again a move Similar to Iceman's Ice Slasher, only a pie.(Note: Does not work on other Prankster Fighters, since all pranksters love Pies, A.K.A Does not affect Iceman!!)

Cappuccino Break
Back, Forward, Back, Fierce Kick

This move revives a tiny bit of Clownman's HP, mainly meant for a last ditch attempt when Clownman is about to lose. Yet it leaves him open to attack for a few seconds as he drinks.(Good idea to use after paralyzing the opponent with a Pie Throw)

Team Up! (Only Available when Iceman is used as a teammate)
Down, Up, Down + All 3 Kicks

Clownman Whistles behind him, as Iceman Teleports onto the field Clownman tosses a pie at the enemy, and if it hits, Iceman jumps over the enemy, smacking them over the head with a huge mallet. Everyone loves the Duo, don't you?

Make Over
360 Spin + all 3 punches

This move does no damage, but is great for taunting and laughing at your opponent. Clownman dashes at the enemy, then latches onto them. He then drops them into a barber chair and proceeds to give them a Clownman Makeover, changing every enemy into a hilarious humiliation. Nothing like more Clownman's Roaming around the room eh? (Note: if Done to Iceman, a little cutscene of slapstick comedy kicks in a.k.a seltzer spray, pie throwing, hammer whacking, etc etc.)


Hyper Combos

"Do the Wave"
360 Spin + Two Punches

Clownman slams his hands into the ground (Much like ground Pound) only millions of hands show up on the screen's border. If caught, the enemy is passed from hand to hand, getting 10,000 volts with each pass. Ouch!

Pie Hailstorm
Forward, Back, Forward + two Kicks

Clownerz Somersaults into the air and offscreen. a Couple seconds later a huge hailstorm of Pies falls from the sky, basically attacking everyone on the field Hope your Hungry!

Dark Jester
Two Punches + Two kicks

Clownman does his only serious move. He screams aloud as if possessed, as his colors change from blue and orange to Purple and Black, much like a gothic Clownman. He gains extremely high attack, but drops his defense greatly to make up for it. (Much Like Zangeif's Metal Transform, but not as slow.)

Holds and Throws

Clownman in close combat will wrap his arms around the enemy, spinning them around before tossing them in the opposite direction. Clownman will also jump on the enemy's back, spray whip cream atop their head, then top it off with an exploding cherry. I think this is self explanatory.

Victory Quotes

"Your lucky Iceman isn't here to laugh at you!"
"I'm hoping this fight was a joke"
"Excuse me while I go chug a bit of Java"
"I may be ugly, but at least I have en excuse!"
"@##&$*%&$*@_&!*)#*%" (Translates into random bleeped out comments)

Taunt Move
Press Select

Clownman points at the enemy, and says "Bring it on chubby boy!"


Clownman is seen sitting on his lazy ass (In a lay z boy chair too, how ironic) watching Freakazoid reruns while he stuffs his face with cappuccino and goldfish crackers. a few seconds later, out of no where a hammer slams down onto his head, followed by clownman slamming a pie into a shadowy figure's face. You can guess who it was I'm sure.

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