The Wild Card Warrior

STORY: A member of the Technological Tyrants who is usually very cautious and doesn't plan ahead. Despite being weak physically Dyanmoman has some very powerful attacks which can bring down some of the most strongest robots in existence. He never underestimates his opponents, (he sometimes does the exact opposite of overestimating them). The only reason that he entered the tournament is to make himself better known.

Intro: Like in R&F Dynamoman comes down from the top of the screen on a platform and then jumps off it.

Basic Info

Dynamoman is a above average fighter. He is fast, defensive and has some strong special moves, however his basic moves and throws are very weak and he doesn't have many combos. Unlike other characters Dynamo Man has the ability of restoring his life gauge, which is very handy(especially when he is about to loose).

H Combos.8

Special Moves

Electrode Projectile
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, any Punch button

Dynamoman shoots a projectile that has two blades of electricity.

Spark Chaser
Down, Down-Backwards, Backwards, any Kick button (while in the air)

Dynamoman will create stationary sparks in the air. As soon as he lands the sparks will move in the direction of the opponent.

Lightning Punch
Press Weak Punch repeatedly

This attack is similar to Chun-Li's Lightning Kick except it's in punch format.

Electro Bubble
(When close to opponent.) Backwards, Down-Backwards, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Strong Punch

This move should probably be considered as a throw because Dynamoman encases the opponent. in a electrical bubble then kicks it to the other side of the screen.

Backwards, Forwards, Fierce Kick

Dynamoman health gauge will slowly restore itself. However you can only stop recharging when his health gauge is full or when the opponent. hits him. Unfortunately while he is recharging he can't attack, move or block.


Hyper Combos

Thunder Bolt
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, two Punches

Dynamoman shoots a spark in the air and then a very big thunder bolt will hit the opponent.

Backwards, Down-Backwards, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, two Kicks

Dynamoman calls for help and then a giant robot will drop from the screen and start shooting missiles at the opponent. This move causes good damage even if blocked.

Hyper Recharge
Weak Punch, Strong Kick, Forwards, Weak Kick, Strong Punch, Backwards, Fierce Punch and Fierce Kick simultanously

This is Dynamoman's most useful Hyper combo so naturally it's also the hardest to pull off. Basically it restores a third of Dynamoman's life gauge instantly.

Holds and Throws

In close combat Dynamoman will hold the opponent. and zap them with electricity and then throws them across the screen.

Victory Quotes

"*yawn*...Is that it?"
"You disappoint me."
"I was expecting better from someone like you!"
"I am Dynamoman. Don't forget it!"
"What made you think you could defeat me?"

Taunt Move
Press Select

Dynamoman will point to the opponent. and say "Give it your best shot!"


While walking down a street holding a bucket of chicken and a fizzy drink he is stopped by a Reploid. The Reploid. is Dynamo (from MMX5) and he wants to fight the champion of the first Capcom Vs Capcom tournament. Dynamoman drops his chicken and fizzy drink, points at Dynamo and says "Okay then, ready when you are!" That's it. You don't get to see the fight, it ends at "ready when you are!"

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