The Son of The God of Gods

STORY: To show off his newfound style, he entered several fighting tournaments, with help of his dad for travel from planet to planet. Winning some and losing some, his publicity grew, and soon Street Punk was a well-known style. On his mission, he encountered a particularly interesting tournament entitled "Capcom vs. Capcom." This competition included old friends, new foes, and some returning challengers. Losing is now not an option.

Unlocking Egoraptor: Egoraptor is one of the ultimate hidden fighters you want to unlock. Mostly cause he's one of the few with tons of combo moves and custom intros and victory quotes. To unlock Egoraptor, you must beat the game with Iceman, Fanewgie, and Generic Rick.

Standard: Stands with back turned to the opponent. Looks at them and goes "Psh." His right sleeve burns off. He then raises his left arm and says "It's time you see the power of a God." A bolt of lightning strikes that arm and the sleeve appears missing. He then goes into his fighting stance saying "Let's rock!"
Against Fanewgie: Stands there with his hands on his hips, laughing. Resumes his fighting stance.
Against Generic Rick: Appears with an oversized novelty Egoraptor head. Ego rips off the hat and laughs, saying, "I'll show you want a mascot can do." He laughs again and resumes fighting stance.
Against Ice Man: Looks at Ice evilly, and then strikes a bolt of electricity at his feet, causing Ice to dance around. Egoraptor laughs. Resumes fighting stance.

Basic Info

Using an original style, he utilized very fluid movement to pelt the opponent with devastating chain combos. He uses his fire, and fire dagger once in a while.

Also note that Egoraptors Special Combos require a bit of fancy button pressing, so mostly Pros are able to use him at his best.

H Combos.8

Command Moves

Gut Crunch
Forward+Fierce Punch

A strong blow to the stomach. Links from any close standing weak attack and into Elbow Sway, Double Gut Crunch, or any special move.

Double Gut Crunch
Forward+Weak Punch

Another strong blow to the stomach only using the other hand to do so. Can only be done linked from Gut Crunch. Can link into any special move or Gut Upper.

Gut Upper
Up+Fierce Punch

A strike to the gut, but this launches the opponent into the air, using an upward blow. Can only be used after Gut Crunch. 0This can be linked to any move, but it's not useful unless it's whiffed.

Elbow sway
Back+Weak Punch

A striker to the head with the elbow of the arm you used for Gut Crunch. Can be linked from Gut Crunch, but not required, and can be linked into Crushing Defeat or any special move.

Crushing Defeat
Down+Fierce Punch

Only performed after Elbow Sway. Knocks the opponent clear to the ground with his elbow. Must be blocked high.

Surprise Knee
Forward+Fierce Kick

Linked from any weak attack or Fierce Punch. Ego quickly brings his knee up striking the opponent in the stomach. Painful, yes. Can be linked into Gut Upper, or Gut Spike.

Special Moves

Dynamite Destroyer
Foward, Downforward, Down, Downback, Back+Punch

Ego extends his arm very far and shoots a spray of fire out of it. Fierce version sends the opponent flying backward a bit. Perfect juggle if done after Gut Upper.

Gut Spike
Back, Downback, Down, Downforward, Forward+Kick

Ego's command throw. Only done close. Ego grabs the opponent and knees them right in the stomach, and a spike shaped flame impales them.

Ready to Blow
Down, Downforward, Forward, Downforward, Down, Downback, Back+Weak Punch

Counter move. If hit, Ego ignites in fire, counterattacking opponent's attack. Can counter even crouching attacks.

Ready to Fly
Down, Downforward, Forward, Downforward, Down, Downback, Back+Fierce Punch

Variation of Ready to Blow. Instead of igniting in fire, he punches the opponent up into the air, open for juggles.

Impending Flame
Down, Downforward, Forward, Down, Downforward, Forward+Punch

Ego swings his flame dagger horizontally across their stomach. Good damage.

Death Talker Forward, Downforward, Down, Downback, Back, Downback, Down, Downforward, Forward+Punch

Only done after Impending Flame. Ego turns his back to the opponent and elbows them with in the gut with a dash of fire. Automatic knock down.


Hyper Combos

Final Destination
Forward, Back, Downback, Down, Downforward, Forward, Downforward, Down+Punch

Only done close. Egoraptor impales the opponent with a fire dagger, runs a bit with them attached to it, tosses the body FAR up in the air (Offscreen), goes right below the falling point, and aims the fire dagger straight in the air. He then says "Seeya in hell." And RIGHT before the opponent falls on the blade, lightning strikes directly through the opponent, into the blade. Egoraptor just grabs the opponent's body and throws them on the floor.

Heaven's Rage
Down, Downback, Back, Down, Downback, Back+Punch

Egoraptor erupts in a HUGE pillar of fire and lightning.

Be Gone With Ye.
Down, Downforward, Forward, Down, Downforward, Forward+Punch

Only to be done while performing Heaven's Rage. Otherwise it would perform Impending Flame. Egoraptor absorbs all the fire and lightning quickly, and shoots it straight in front of him.

Holds and Throws

The Slicer
Weak Punch+Fierce Punch

Grabs the opponent, raises his leg halfway up their body and cracks the side of their body with it.

Victory Quotes

"No organization. No skill. Such a waste."
"I will not let distractions get in the way of my ultimate goal."
"Perhaps learning how to FIGHT would help you win more battles."
"... Pathetic."
"Nothing is more pitiful than someone who fights prematurely."

Against opponent who almost won: "I hope they all aren't as strong as you..."
Against opponent who almost won: "I'd better keep my guard up. You were quite the battle."
Against Fanewgie: "This is what you get for mocking my ways. Fool."
Against Rick: "Next time, YOU be the mascot, 'eh?"
Against Ice Man: "Hah! Show me that dance again!"

Taunt Move(s)
Press Select

Ego makes his hand into a gun shape and pretends to shoot at the opponent. Resume fighting stance.

Ego puts his hands on his hips and laughs. Resume fighting stance.

Ego pretends to charge up a very powerful move, but stops in the middle and says "Just kidding." And cackles. Resume fighting stance.


After winning the Capcom vs. Capcom competition, the publicity for Streetpunk increases dramatically, and Egoraptor opens a school for Streetpunk.

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