Generic Rick

The Samurai Guy

STORY: Generic Rick was just your average person. Completely laid back, he flew his airship across the lands without a care in the world. His purpose in the contest is quite simple. He wants a better engine, so he can reach speeds he could only previously dream of.


Standard: Rick rides the anchor of his airship down to the battle field, and hops off.
Vs. Xardion: Jumps off anchor, looks at him, and proceeds to point and laugh.
Vs. Generic Rick (copy): Jumps off, and remarks "Damn, you're good lookin'."

Basic Info

Rick is a well-balanced fighter, but doesn't have much in the ways of regular combos and defense. His true power lies in his Hyper Combos. His limited moves don't require skilled button pressing, so he's good for a novice.

H Combos..9

Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Punch

Rick launches his scythe forward, which goes a given distance, then returns.

Wheel of Misfortune
Half Circle Back to Front, Kick

Rick somer-saults forward, scythe out, cuttin' up all in his path.

Glide Cut
(From jump) Down, Punch

Rick Soars down at his opponent, and cuts him/her.

Anchors Away
Half Circle Forward to Back, Kick.

Rick calls for his airship to drop its anchor on the opponent.


Hyper Combos

Down, Down-Forward, Forward, All Punches

Rick calls for his airship to come and bombard the enemy with everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink!

Fade to Black
Down, Down-Back, Back, All Kicks

Screen goes black, and when the screen returns a few minutes later, the opponent's power has been drained a bit.

Dive Bomb
Half Circle Back to Forward, All Kicks

Rick hops onto his airship, and rams it into the opponent.

Holds and Throws

Rick winds up like he's going to punch his opponent really hard, then reaches out and simply taps them over.

Victory Quotes

Close Victory: Whew... That was close!
Close Victory: Geeze! Mellow out, dude! You could've hurt someone!
"You wanted to fight me? Not too Bright, Man. Ha!"
"Looks like you need a hand. I didn't mean to cut 'em off. Honest!"
"Wow... almost TOO easy."

To Iceman: Hehe... NOW who's on ice?
To Egoraptor: Wait... WHO'S the mascot, again?
To Generic Rick (copy): Just another example of why cloning sucks.

Taunt Move
Press Select

Rick throws a paper airplane at his opponent.


After winning Capcom vs. Capcom, Rick puts his new engine into the airship. In mid air, the engine stalls out. He begins to fall, and crashes into Iceman's newly completed giant Roll ice sculpture. Confronted by an angry Iceman, he just says "Hehe.. Sorry, dude.", and is promptly smacked by Iceman's mallet.

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