The Fiery Phoenix with an Attitude

STORY: The leader of the new X team Known as "The Authority" he's really the reincarnation of Magma Dragoon with a few new enhancements. Armed with both the combat skills of Storm Eagle and Magma Dragoon he also has Storm Eagle's stubborn pride and Magma Dragoon's temper. Among one of the top aerial fighters in any time period, those bound to the ground better be wary. .

Intro: Heatnix descends from the sky and releases a small fire blast.

Basic Info

Unlike most fighters Heatnix hovers above the ground and can made superjumps with only one button.His speed and offensive power make him a formidable foe and his combos and hyper-combos rival those of Ice Man. Unfortunately although his armor's second to none his armor's thinner so he relies on his flight ability to win. .

Also because of Nix's supreme power, most players can find controlling the Phoenix rather difficult at first. Where only Pros can Master Heanix's Super Powerful Combos. Which explains why his Overall Rating is low.

H Combos.8

Special Moves

Fire Ball
Fierce Punch

As a counter effect to Ice Man's Ice Slasher 'Nix fires of twin fire balls even if you counter the first one you better be quick to counter the next one. Only two can be onscreen at once.

Magma Blade
Forward-Back-Down, Kick

The weapon used by X in Mega Man X6, it is the exact same technique. 'Nix pulls out a beam saber and releases a fire wave.

Dive and Swoop
While jumping: Down-Forward, Fierce Punch When in the air

'Nix dives and performs a devastating dive bomb attack that at most can take off 15% of your fighters energy depending on defense.

Eruption Blast
Down, Down, Back-Forward, Weak Kick

Where ever the opposing fighter is a blast of fire erupts under his feet.

Dive Drill
Mid-air: Hold down and any Kick button

Dive bombs the enemy while he/she is in midair, inflicts massive damage in a super-jump.

Flight Dash
Forward-Forward Any Punch Button

Rams enemy, not very effective against enemies with high defense.

Phoenix Wing
Down, Fierce Kick

Does a aerial cartwheel and uppercuts opponent with a fiery wing attack.


Hyper Combos

Hyper Phoenix Blast
Forward-Back-Forward all three punch buttons

Works in the same way as Iron Man/War Machine's Proton Cannon works, he temporally pauses (while he's doing this he's invincible) then releases a massive fire blast that can inflict at least 18-hit to 37-hit damage.

Infinity Mijinion
Back-Forward-Back Fierce Punch and Kick buttons

A stampede of Infinity Mijinion trample over opponent and for a finale a circle blasts opponent with Ray Arrow.

Ultimate Aerial
Down-Up-Down Fierce Punch and Kick buttons

Nix unleashes his ultimate fury by Hyper Diving the opponent three times, follows up with a hyper uppercut and throws the enemy back to the ground. This attack is among one of the most damaging


Nix can fly in combat, not entirely useful but you can attack from above and avoid most attacks.

Holds and Throws

Nix' in close combat will use his hard wings to whack and enemy and by pressing forward he'll gab the opponent and toss him aside. .

Victory Quotes

"Heh heh, better luck next time... if you get out of traction."
"Maybe I should have finished you off, then you would be lucky."
"The Authority could use you as a servant."
"I am invincible!"
"That was close... but not close enough"

Taunt Move
Press Select

'Nix gives you a thumbs down and sneers "Ha!"

Upon retrieve the DNA of of the deceased X-Force he goes back to the Carrier and gives them to Metal Shark Player, and orders find some way to make the X-Force live again. When Shark starts to say "It will..."He finds 'Nix gone and looks out the window to see 'Nix flying to the moon. !

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