The Parka Bearing Freak

STORY: This member of the Sinister Six is Known as a menace to a many. Iceman comes to the brawl out to prove his worth amongst his fellow allies and to show he's not a wuss. Iceman is classified as a Clown next to Clownman and most are weary of his jokes and pranks. Though some fear Iceman (Gary) cause he's been known to take down opponents 10 times his size as he enjoys it when people underestimate him. Cause He doesn't look like much, plus looks like a push over. And he loves to prove people wrong.

Intro(s): Iceman teleports down much like Megaman but also finishes with a flash of light as he poses.

Against Clownman: A all out Duke fight on who's the clownish starts. Ice whacks Clown with his abnormally large mallet, and Clown fights back with pies. The players can press start to start the real matchup.

Basic Info

Iceman is a unique character. And he's a fairly good character to use in the game. He's got a unique "Copy Utility" along with some surprising attacks. Including a "Fire" move?!

His ability to string together long combos with his large variety of attacks, and his super-powered hyper combos make him a force to be reckoned with. His small size also makes several of the larger characters' attacks go right over his head. Unfortunately, he is not good at defending. He has no real tough armor to defend him. Iceman relies totally on speed to win his matches.

H Combos.6

Special Moves

Ice Slasher
Fierce Punch

No wonder everybody hates Iceman when you fight against him. He has the ultra-cheap one button projectile. You can only have one shot on the screen, although the iceball is ratherlarge. The unique thing about this is that you can freeze your opponent from attacking. Of course he is frozen until you hit him. And hitting him with another Ice Slasher will only shatter the ice. If the opponent blocks however,the Ice Slasher won't freeze them, let alone do hardly any damage.

Ice Uppercut
Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Punch

A move similar to Ryu's Shroyuken attack. Iceman becomes surrounded with blue energy, and delivers a massive uppercut to the enemy. The strength of the punch depends how high you will go into the air. A good combo opener.

Bulldozer Ball
Back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Punch

This move, Iceman rolls up into a ball and fires himself at the enemy at top speed. This move can catch an opponent off guard and can strike more than once if you time it properly.

Floor Freeze
Down, Down-Back, Back, Weak punch

You can use an Ice Slasher to freeze the ground, though it does no damage to the enemy it will cause them to slip on the ice if they walk on it, leaving them wide open to attack. This move is best used to start a combo because it gets them in the proper attack position.

Ice Drill
Down, and any Kick button (while in the air)

Iceman can come flying down on his opponent by twisting his body up like a drill. This move can only be performed while in the air. It can be great to knock opponents out of the sky.

Ice Barricade
Down, Down-Back, Back, Strong Punch

Iceman's only defensive move. This move will block all projectile attacks for a limited time, it will wear off eventually, though the shield won't fair against punches and kicks, though the damage received to Iceman won't be as severe. Also Iceman can fire the shield offensively by pressing the same button configuration.

Copy Ability
Pressing select when next to an opponent

This is by far the most unique feature any character has. By getting close to an opponent (without getting hit), Iceman can copy one of that characters attacks. You'll know when you successfully copied the attack when Iceman starts to glow. To successfully use the attack, press select again. Though this move is hard to accomplish and you can only copy 1 or 2 of your opponents attacks.


Hyper Combos

Ice Blast
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, two Punches

Iceman will power up and shoot an enormous blast from his mouth. This takes up almost half the screen and strikes fast and even sometimes freezes the opponent. This move does a good amount of damage, though if you pull it off to early, your opponent can stop you from doing it.

Hail Storm
Down, Down-Foward, Forward, two Kicks

Iceman calls upon a large hail storm which several large, glowing, ice rocks come crashing down on everything on the screen. This move takes up the whole screen, so really there's no escape. This move does a ton of chipping damage if blocked, and is rather hard to avoid. Best of all, you are completely immune to attack for about five seconds.

Diamond Saw
Down, Down-Back, Back, two Kicks

Iceman's strongest Hyper move, though it takes a while for it to take effect. Iceman will do a pose similar to the Hail Storm and two large snowflake saws will fly around the screen, slicing the heck out of the opposing fighter. Striking nearly 40 times if you're lucky. Unfortunately, the move is canceled if you are hit.

Clown Onslaught
Back, Back, Forward, Forward, Down, Down, two Punches

Ice calls upon his prankster pal Clownman and together they start throwing pies, and spraying seltzer water. Clown finishes with a "huge" a$$ Pie in the face which explodes, and Ice finishes with his trusty big, fat mallet over the head. OUCH! This move can cause good damage, even if blocked.

Holds and Throws

Iceman in close combat will jump on his opponents back and continuously whack his opponent with a big mallet. It's quite humorous actually. Iceman will also throw his opponent within close range.

Victory Quotes

"The Iceman Cometh wins again!"
"What new weapons can I copy!?"
"To beat me, you need to fight yourself."
"I maybe a coward, but I'm a smart coward"
"Nice moves, but I'll stick to my Ice power!"

Taunt Move
Press Select (not next to opponent and not when glowing)

Iceman will stick his tongue out at his opposing fighter and say "Nya Nya". (Talk about a childish taunt..)


"Walking in a Winter Wonderland theme starts playing"

Iceman builds an Ice Sculpture of him and Roll holding hands, of course revealing his crush for Roll. The humorous part to this ending is when Iceman tries to kiss the Roll Sculpture and his tongue gets stuck to it. Kinda hilarious actually.

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