The Psychic... Cyborg??

STORY: Naop's story is a little complex. The most important thing is that he was created by Dr. Cossack. He isn't a robot because Cossack used different technology (from another planet) and he also has a human brain. A tyrant had plans to conquer the universe using Naop. With the help of Dr. Cossack, Naop fought against the tyrant, however he failed and the tyrant sent him to the future because he wanted him to suffer. So Naop became a Maverick Hunter and while there he finds out the way to return to his own time. The only problem is that the tyrants keeps making his life impossible, but he has the help of his new friends and some Cossack Capsules.

When Naop joined the Maverick Hunters, he met Axel, the Chi-Channeler Reploid and Dr. Cossack's latest creation. Later in their adventures they found a Capsule and Cossack gave them a component that allowed them to do the fusion. Naop also met Amp, the Reploid version of Dr. Wily's creation, Bass. After losing a fight against Amp, Naop was obsessed with vengeance. He realized that he wasn't strong enough, and he needed to train. That why he entered the tournament. However after Naop gave Amp his DNA data, he's in debt with Naop. Naop becomes a smug when he wins a fight.

Intro: A Cossack's logo hologram appears and then Naop teleports in and the hologram disappears.

Basic Info

Naop is very fast but his punches and kicks are slow, that's why he can't do any complicated combos. He doesn't have a lot of special moves, but they're easy to perform. His defensive move is very effective but it only lasts a few seconds. Naop's hyper combos are devastating, but they're a little slow too. Summarizing, Naop is fairly good, but he doesn't have many attacks for close combat.!

H Combos.7
Overall.. 6

Special Moves

Kinetic Punch
Fierce Punch

(This is the normal Fierce Punch) Naop uses kinetic energy to enhance the strength in his punch.

Kinetic Kick
Fierce Kick

(This is the normal Fierce Kick) Naop uses kinetic energy to enhance the strength in his kick.

Psychic Blast
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Punch

Naop raises his arm and releases a purple kinetic blast. It has a medium size and it's fast, but the movement is a little slow. Two can be onscreen at once.

Back, Back-Down, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Punch

Naop raises his hand and lifts the enemy in mid-air, then he puts his hand down quickly and smashes him against the floor. (long range)

Psychic Barrier
Down, Down-Back, Back, Fierce Punch

Naop's defensive move. This aura projection will block all attacks for a short period of time. It's purple and it has the form of a shield.

Down, Down-Back, Back, Kick, Kick

Using telekinesis Naop can levitate and fly for several seconds.


Hyper Combos

Nael (Fusion)
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Punch, Punch

In this combo Naop summons Axel and they fuse into the great Nael, attacking with a combined giant Psychic-Hadoken.

Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Kick, Kick

Naop summons Amp and he attacks the enemy slashing him with his blade.

Psychic Wave
Down, Down-Back, Back, Punch, Punch

Naop's ultimate Psychic attack. These big circular waves that are very difficult to dodge.

Holds and Throws

Kinetic Throw
Forward+Punch Near The Opponent

Naop grabs the opponent and uses kinetic energy to enhance the strength in his throw.

Victory Quotes

(If he finishes with the "Fusion" hyper combo)"We're bored. Who's next?"
"What can I say? I am Naop!"
"I knew I would win, I'm a psychic you know?"
"Kinetic energy rules!"
"I'm Cossack's best creation!"

Taunt Move
Press Select

Naop will cross his arms and he will turn to the camera with sparks of psychic energy coming out of his eyes.


Naop returns to the Maverick Hunter HQ and finds out that his friends prepared a surprise party for him. He realizes that he has a new family now and joins the group. (This is kind of a sentimental ending)

Naop's Theme

Naop's Level
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