Lone Swordsman

STORY: This lone member of the Mechanical Maniacs left on a quest to discover his mysterious past. Leaving the name Lennon behind he now goes by the name Nightblade Gemini. Nightblade enters the brawl to test his new swordsman skill and defeat fellow Mechanical Maniac Gauntlet .

Intro: Nightblade Gemini flies in on Gemini Force.

Against Shadowman: Nightblade stands with his arms folded waiting then says "So, we meet again worthy adversary!" when Shadowman appears.

Basic Info

Gemini is a good defensive character. He has the ability to absorb one's life force and use it to recover his own. Unfortunately despite his small size he is quite slow. But with the power of his sword Gemini can deal lethal damage and powerful combos, but without the sword his attack power and defense power is decreased greatly.

Offence…6 (with sword) 3 (w/o sword)
Defense…8 (with sword) 4 (w/o sword)
H Combos…5

Special Moves

Darkness Strike
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Fierce Punch

Powering up his strength Gemini summons all his power and unleashes it with a slash that cuts through an enemy defense But the attack drains Gemini of some of his power

Light Beam
Down, Down-Back, Back, Weak Punch

A Lightning Bolt hits Gemini powering his sword. Then he fires a light beam at his opponent leaving them stunned. Good way to get a hyper combo started.

(During Light Beam) Select

The Light Beam absorbs the life force of the opponent and regains health equal to the damage made.

Energy Sword
Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Fierce Punch

Gemini Powers his sword and fires it like X using the Z Saber in X3

Draw/Put Away Sword
Back, Weak Punch + Weak Kick

Gemini Draws or Puts away his sword Reducing or increasing his attack power and defense power.

Laser Kick
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Kick

Gemini does a quick spin kick, which fires a locked on laser at the opponent. But this move can only be used when the sword is away.

Gemini Laser
Forward, Fierce Punch

This move can only be used when the sword is put away. Gemini's hand turns into a hand cannon and he fires a laser. 2 lasers can be on the screen at the same time and the laser rebound of walls 6 times before disappearing.


Hyper Combos

Force Fire
Down, Down, Forward, Forward, All Punches.

Gemini powers up his energy and fires a chain of fireballs causing massive damage. But it can only be used w/o the sword

Gemini Ray
Down, Down, Forward, Forward, All Kicks

Gemini charges up his sword and form a ball of energy and fires Gemini Lasers around the whole screen causing great damage.

Split Form Jail Break
Back, Down-Back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Fierce Punch + Fierce Kick

Summoning all his strength Gemini throws the opponent into the air and splits into 6 and each copy hits the opponent with 5 slashes adding up to 30 slashes each doing a load of damage. Unfortunately you have to be close to the opponent to pull it of.

Holds and Throws

During close combat Gemini will slashes the opponent 5 times. Without the sword Gemini will kick the opponent repeatedly in the head then kick him/her into the air

Victory Quotes

"Come back when you're more skilled"
"Your power is no match for my skill"
"What a waste of time! Gemini Force! Come!"
"Victory is mine!"

Taunt Move
Press Select

Nightblade Gemini will fold his arms and turn away in disgust.


Nightblade Gemini pictures all those he's defeated on his quest and then gets up and walks into the darkness.

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