The Masked Wonder

STORY: Ninja-Man mostly concentrates on keeping his identity secret to where only Blaze Heatnix knows his true secret. To find out his real origin, you need to beat the game with him. Ninja-Man is the only fighter from Marvel and comes to The brawl to test his new found abilities with Capcom Characters. If Ninja-Manís face Gets revealed, he turns all out ballistic.

Intro: Ninja-Man appears in a flash of light leaving nothing but holograms of himself in the mist.

Basic Info

Though Ninja-Man remains an outcast with an all star Capcom crew, his swift reflexes and stamina make him a challenge at best. Where he concentrates mostly on speed and agility, His defense is rather tacky. And his Hyper Combos donít do well on their own. But Ninja-Manís regular combos are possibly the best in the game, next to Egoraptor! .

H Combos.4

Special Moves

Sword Dash
Forward, Forward, Any Punch Button

Instantly charge an adversary at full speed and slash at them at the end with this attack. High Defense Characters can usually shake this attack off with minimal damage.

Saber Beam
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Any Punch Button

This Causes Ninja-Man to launch a Slash Projectile at his opponent. It travels Fast and can be aimed using the control stick if an opponent tries to jump it.

Ninja Kick
Back for Three Seconds then Release

Putting all his body energy into one foot he manages to fire himself so fast towards his opponent that he leaves little holograms behind him. This move can catch anyone off guard and itís quite strong.

Super Slash Ďem Up
Forward+ Weak Punch Button

This can be a good combo maker if you can nail your opponent several times in a row with it. Ninja-Man will continually slash at his victim with his sword.

Up, Down, Down, Down, Strong Punch

If you remember Reptileís move from Mortal Kombat, Ninja-Manís technique works the same. Though itís hard to perform, but freaks people out. Once you take a hit though, youíll be revealed as a solid.

Chinese Star Bonanza
Back, Up, Forward, Strong punch(x3)

To throw more than one hit the button quickly in the combination. Ninja-Man can toss About three at once. They donít do much damage by themselves, but in a group it can hurt.

Down-Down, Up-Up, Foreword Forward, Weak and Strong Punch

Donít get to confident on this move. It takes some practice to set it up and by the time you use it, you may have lost enough energy in the process to where itís pointless to heal.


Hyper Combos

Backstreet Project Assemble
Forward, Forward, Forward, All Punch Buttons

Ninja-Man calls upon his comrades to come onto the scene and start attacking his opponent. This attack can take up to nearly 30 hits of damage almost everytime. Just make sure the opponent isnít blocking it all off.

X Swipe
Up, Up, Forward, Down, Medium Punch, Medium Kick

Ninja-Man will turn invisible and cross over his opponent in an axis and slice his opponent both ways. It leaves an X down the middle of them. Thatís gotta smart.

Chinese Star Barrier
Holding All Punch Buttons for 3 Seconds

Similar to that of Stryderís Hyper. Several stars will surround Ninja-Man and all who dare try close contact moves will get slammed by a star. And it packs a small whollip as well.

Holds and Throws

Ninja-Man will throw an opponent over his head in close combat. His hold is when he grabs his opponent and persistently punches them.

Victory Quotes

ďTo earn a victory, you must learn disciplineĒ
ďEvery person has to learn to fight somehow.Ē
ďGood Match up, but try harder next time.Ē
ďIím sorry, did that hurt?Ē
ďYou Capcom people really donít impress me.Ē

Taunt Move
Press Select

Ninja-Man will use his finger and egg his opponent to come closer.

After winning the Tournament, Ninja-Man is shown riding a train back to his home in James Town New York. There he finally reveals his identity as Nick Carter, and we see him laughing At a picture of Iceman. Then the rest of the BSB join him and they prepare for a concert!

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