The Man from Down Unda

STORY: All the way from Australia. Originally a member of the angel class of Seraph's he was kicked out for interfering with human lives. He lives forever unless killed by another human and he lives the life of a human. He hopes to get back his old powers but also wants to show Australia is a force to be reckoned with.

Intro: Seraph is brought in riding a kangaroo and with a guard of dingo's.

Basic Info

Being from Australia and also having been with the highest rank of Seraph's, Seraph has gained allot of skill. His endurance and defense is large but his speed is at a minimal. His coordination too is not great as he knows more to stand his ground instead of running.

H Combos.3

Special Moves

Seraph Shot
Forward, Punch

Using his visor Seraph sends a shot out at a distance. The higher the punch button the more powerful the shot.

Dingo spear
Down - Forward, Heavy Punch

Seraph calls for aid from his dingo pals.

Kangaroo attack
Down - Forward, Heavy Kick

The same as the dingo spear except with the help of his kangaroo friends this time.

Archangel Beam
Back-Down-Forward, Punch

Probably Seraph's most powerful move. Sending out a large beam that can cause devastating effects. Especially on low defense opponents.

Drop Bear
Down, Down, Punch (while in the air)

Using the aid of his Koala comrades Seraph signals for 3 Koalas to drop from the sky above. Be careful as these creatures latch on a bite.

Holy Punch
Back (hold), Forward + Punch

Charging up Seraph then strafes forward and uses a powerful punch. A good attack to lure enemies in with.

Pressing Up and Select

Seraph used to have the ability to fly. Using science he's regained that ability. Although he can't leave the ground and only flies for short times it's a good way to dodge incoming attacks.


Hyper Combos

Australian Mayhem
Down, Back, Forward, Forward, Forward + Punch

Seraph calls for the dingoes, kangaroos and emus to speed forward and attack his opponent... This move is hard to pull off properly but if mastered it can cause mayhem for the opponent.

Willy Willy
Back - Forward, Forward + Kick

The willy willy is a small Australian tornado. Seraph sends it towards his opponent which for a time has them floating in air. Seraph then follows with a barrage of Seraph shots.

Plutonium throw
Back, Back, Back, Forward + Punch

Australia is one of the largest distributors of plutonium. Seraph grabs a plentiful amount and begins throwing them towards the opponent. If hit enough times the opponent can slowly lose small amounts of life due to poisoning. Although the poison wears of after a short time.

Holds and Throws

Seraph will either grab his opponent and give them a nasty headbutt or throw them towards a kangaroo which then smacks them into the ground. .

Victory Quotes

"Crickeys, I'm dangerous!"
"...sorry what's ya name again?"
"You're gone... MATE!"
"Never mess with an Aussie"
"You know the crocodile hunter? I'm his role model!"

Taunt Move
Press Select

Seraph will give the good ol' thumbs up. (See picture above)

The Seraph's from above come down and ask Mason to rejoin them. Mason looks towards his animal friends and turns around and punches them all. He walks off into the sun with his animal buddies and finds out that his friends prepared a surprise party for him. He realizes that he has a new family now and joins the group. (This is kind of a sentimental ending)

Seraph's Theme

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