Once a part of Cloud Man's Lethal Eight

STORY: Shade Man was apart of the Lethal before its base was reduced to rubble by Green Devil. Since then He has been wandering around the net and in some cases he has been seen at purchasing coffee to keep himself awake (for reasons we don't want to know). Shade Man naturally hates "Ice" type robot masters as he has been bugged one too many times by freeze man.

Intro: (normal) Comes out of a coffin and licks his lips, then bows politely. (Against Ice Man): flies down and Ice Man hits him with a snow ball.

Basic Info

Shade Man has well balanced attack and defense. His ability to fly is also a big plus. Shade Man cannot perform Hyper combos just by attack his opponent and pressing a few buttons, he must actually, "suck" Hyper energy out of the opponent with his leech life move. Shade Man is a tough fighter with a little bit of a down side.

H Combos.6

Special Moves

Noise Crusher
Fierce punch

Shade Man Launches a sound wave at an opponent. If it misses or is blocked the noise crush returns to shade man and charges up. If fired again it move at the same speed, but do twice the damage.

down, down, up+ kick

Shade man takes to the air and can freely move around for 10 sec.

Leech life
while flying press forward, forward, forward, fierce punch.

Shade man Dives at the target and saps them of their Hyper energy (this is the only way shade man can power up his hyper move bar).

Brimstone shield
down, back, down, back, Fierce Kick.

Shade gets covered in a blue flame, he know takes half damage from any attack but it unable to block. Power wears off after 10 sec.

Summon Edward or Skull Man
back, back,down, down, forward, punch.

Shade man steps out of the battle as skull man or ghost of Edward come in. both have no special moves and real low energy meters.

Noise Slam
while in flight press: forward, down, select.

Shade Man activates noise crusher but flies with it into the enemy, if contact is made press fierce punch to do the leech life.


Hyper Combos

Lethal Eight Team Up
down, down, back, forward + fierce punch.

The entire Lethal Eight team comes in and mauls the Opponent.

Soul Sapper
While in flight press: forward, forward, forward, fierce punch

Shade Man flies at the and.... Grabs them and performs the leech life (this time it give takes away their life and give it to shade man) then shoots a noise crusher at the opponent.

Screech Crusher
down, down, forward, fierce punch.

Shade man Glows red for a second then Unleashes a swarm of noise Crushers onto the opponent.

Brimstone Buster
down, back, down, back, Fierce Kick.

Shade Man launches a massive wave a brimstone stone fire from his cannon, the target will lie on the ground charred, but only for a moment.

Holds and Throws

Sky dive: Shade Man Grabs the opponent... picks him up with one hand and then takes flight. He the slams the opponent on the floor and laughs maniacally.

Victory Quotes

"...And that is just the beginning of what I'll do to Green Death."
"(licks lips) That was a delicious fight, but I want more of your DNA."
"Morgian, eat your heart out."
"Now If I only had a fork and some tape."
"I'll fight you again in the afterlife."

Taunt Move
Press Select

Shade Man goes back into his coffin to sleep.


Shade Man teleports into a dark castle. "Now I'm the best... but I require a new challenge," he says. Morgian teleports in. "Then I'll challenge you!" The screen flashes and goes to a battle screen (Pokemon battle music plays).

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