Undead Warrior from Hell

STORY: Shival is a long lost face to the Mega Man Community. He was in the Mega man 2 Dream Team, The X-force, and in Mega Man 3 Mechanical Maniacs. Shival left these teams and was never to be found again in these places. Shival disappeared from the others and went on with his life in Hell. Now he returns as a Undead Warrior from Hell, looking for fun and a challenge.

Intro: Shival enters the area by a portal from Hell opening from the ground, and Shival jumps out and gets ready to fight, not wasting any time.

Basic Info

Shival is good for his offense, speed, and his excellent hyper combos. He has an average defense for his skin is tough. He relies on his speed and strength mainly. Shival also uses magic to defeat his enemies.

H Combos.7

Special Moves

Scythe Slashes
Fierce Punch

Shival slashes at his enemy rapidly with his scythe.

Cheap Trick
Down, Up, Forward, Back, Weak punch, Strong kick.

Shival summons undead from below to grab ahold to the enemy back so Shival can strike. One attack landed, the undead will release and disappear.

Fire Charge
Down, Forward, Forward, Punch.

Shival charges at the foe and runs into them while on fire, burning that person.

Bone Spear
Up, Down, Block.

A wall of bones surrounds Shival to defend against enemy attacks.

Fire Golem
Up, Down, Back, Strong Kick.

Shival summons a fire golem to attack the enemy with a fiery of punches.

Scythe of the Elements
Back, Back-down, Down, Down-forward, Forward, Fierce punch.

Shival strikes with his scythe that freezes and burns at the same time. This is one of the strongest attacks that Shival has.


Hyper Combos

Death Slices
Back, Up, Down, Back, Forward, Strong punch, Weak punch, Punch, Fierce punch.

Shival will Strike at the enemy with many powerful blows.

Undead Swarm
Down, Down, Down-forward, Back, Two Kicks

Shival will summon the undead to pummel his target for him.

Rain of Fire
Up, Up, Up, Forward, Two Punches.

Shival will create rain drops that turn into fire to burn the enemy.

Death Surmounts us All
Back, Back-down, Down, Strong Punch, Down-forward, Forward, Forward, Weak Punch, Forward-up, Up, Up, Back, Back, Two Kicks, Fierce Punch.

This is Shival's hardest and best move in his skills. What this does is it turns Shival into death for a second to send a flurry of slices at the enemy that drain energy if done right.

Holds and Throws

Shival will pull in the foe with his scythe, pummel the enemy, and then kick them in the arse, sending them flying away. This is probably the only humor Shival shows.

Victory Quotes

"See'ya In Hell"
"That's all you got?"
"I don't pity you, weakling."
" :scoff: "

Taunt Move
Press Select

Shival will take out a evil looking Jack In The Box, and out will come a Evil Jester to scare the shit out of the enemy.


Pictures of his past characters show, Airman, Split Mushroom, and Needleman, then it shows Shival laughing evilly and showing what he has became.

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