The Sword Swinging Rogue

STORY: Created to be the ultimate fighting machine, his creator Dr. Brownian never meant for him to be an Artificial Intelligence. Brownian was destroyed and he hopes to take revenge in the tournament. Also a master with a blade, he has been known to travel forward in time to challenge Zero. Much like Protoman he is a rouge, and only appears when needed and when he feels like it.

Intro: He flies in on a red jet-board and jumps off; bent down.

Basic Info

Starfire is a lot like Megaman, but his cannon is not quite as strong. He is more of a close range fighter and his defense is very good. The most powerful normal attack is his Beam Saber slash. He is rather quick, but offense is not so great, unless you can get a succession of hits. He relies a lot on his speed to get in close and attack. Like they say the best offense is a good defense, and Starfire is the very embodiment of that. What he lacks in power is made up for in, speed and defense.

Speed..8 H

Special Moves

Beam Saber
Slash Fierce Punch

This move is more effective in a rapid succession, meaning keep hitting the button when against the character to hit him rapidly.

Arm Cannon
Back, Back, Punch

This is like Megaman?s Mega Buster, but not as powerful, and you can?t power it up. It is nowhere near as strong as his Saber though.

Copy Beam
From long range use arm cannon and select.

Jet Bash
Up, Down, Up

The jet that Starfire came in on will come, and he will jump on it, and go charging towards the enemy.

Tornado Swirl
Forward, Back, Forward, Punch

Starfire starts to spin and goes towards the enemy. Hitting him in a successive barrage.


Hyper Combos

Supreme Slash
Back, Forward, Down, Fierce Punch

Starfire will send a blue shock to stun the enemy, and then slash his saber, and the energy from the slash will travel to the enemy.

Ultra Beam
Up, Down, Forward, Back, Back, Punch

Starfire grows to the top of the screen and sends a huge Arm Cannon shot to the enemy.

Holds and Throws

Starfire grabs his opponent and hurls them across the screen with his saber, much like a bat.


Victory Quotes

?Ha, I thought you would be more challenging!?
?You disgust me.?
?That was impressive, I should try it soon.?
?The supreme fire never loses to fools.?
?Maybe that was too harsh....... Nah?

Taunt Move
Press Select

Starfire pulls out his Beam Saber and stands on one leg with the other bent in the air. (Like Link in Super Smash Bros.)


Starfire stares at all the opponents in disgust. Then he turns his back on them to walk away. "I need more challenges..."

Iceman, "We can't that arrogant dweeb get away with this! Everyone - attack!"

Can Starfire survive this onslaught of foes? What do you think?

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