Newbie Spriter

STORY: A real newbie when it comes to the megaman spriting community. Tired of the lack of respect he gets for being nothing but a crappy recoulor of a sprite he decided to kick some major 32-bit arse in the tournament.

Intro: Standard-Standing there.. crossing his arms. Looks at the player, looks at the opponent. "WHAT? You expect me do DO something?"

Against Ice man- "Freeze this bucko!" looks at player... "Dammit! Why can't I have a mooning sprite?!"

Against Blaze Heatnix- "Oooh... fiery..."

Against a hidden character- "LOOKY! A secret character!"

Against Nightblade Gemini- "FINALLY! A non 32-bit character!"

Basic Info

Don't underestimate him for his crappy 16-bit re-color sprite. He is pretty fast and can pack a mean hyper combo if you let him gain enough energy. All his moves can be canceled out by each other which makes for easy combatability.

H Combos.7

Special Moves

Fire Ball
Fierce Punch

Why not be extremely annoying and fire a fireball in one button also! It's simple. Vect here fires a badly colored blast of crappines. Take that! HA!

Ghostly sprite
Down, Down Forward, Forward, Start

Ehehehehe... Really annoying. He turns into a weird ghostlike sprite and all physical attacks go through him. Problem is, his physical attacks can't tough you either. Solution? ENERGY PROJECTILES! AWAY! This move only lasts as long as your energy holds (it drains your energy slowly)

Head crash (Kamikaze crash if you will)
While jumping: Down, Fierce Punch

He suddenly dives from the sky headfirst. If he makes contact, it does harsh damage. If he misses and hits the floor, he hurts himself. Which is why you can always bail out by pressing fierce punch again.

Hurricane Kick!
Down, Down Back, Back, Any Kick

To avoid getting sued by capcom, this isn't Ryu's hurricane kick. He actually kicks and sends a hurricane at the opponent. The furthest it can travel is half the screen (the strength of kick controls how far it goes)

Fake out
Running: 1 punch, 1 kick

Charges at the enemy and jumps back. Then launches a fireball.

Hurricane Punch
Down, Down Back, Back, Punch

Take that Capcom! Anyway, Vectrin spins while holding his fists out. Giving the same effect as a normal hurricane kick but with punches.

Flying Kick
Down, Down forward, Kick

He flies towards you and well... kicks!


Hyper Combos

Hyper Blast
Down, Down forward, forward, 2 punches

Basically like a Shinuku Hadoken. He just blasts the heck out of you.

Matrix Kick
1.Down, down forwawrd, forward, 2 kicks
2.Down, down back, back, 2 kicks

1. He runs towards the opponent, if contact he jumps in the air in some weird matrixy kung fu pose. Everything stops for like 3 seconds. The background turns black. Then everything goes back to normal and he kicks one quarter of your life away in one big "WATAAAAH!!"

2. He runs on the wall, jumps off of it and lands behind the opponent. Then the same thing happens "WATAAAAH!" (He should always land behind the opponent. I don't care how high he has to run up the wall) After which it's easy to combo into matrix kick 1

Maximum Pummeling
Down, down back, back, down back, down, down forward, forward, any kick or punch

Vectrin dashes towards the opponent and pummels him with a flurry of punches then finishes with a megapunch that knocks you into next Tuesday!

Down, down back, back, forward, weak punch, strong kick (I made that up myself HAH!)

Not what you Akuma fans think. He summons a big, red, dragon shaped beam from offscreen.

Holds and Throws

Fierce Punch- Tosses opponent into the air, jumps up and elbows him

Weak/Medium Punch-He keeps hold of him and punches (can only be done up to 5 times so I suggest do this 4 times then throw)

Victory Quotes

"That... might leave a mark."
"Behold! The Power of outdatedness!!"
"I'm faster than lightning!"
Close Victory "Nice try buddy"

Taunt Move
Press Select

Vectrin looks at the player "What?!"


A black screen, then Vectrin walks on.

Vectrin: I would like to apologize for kickin all your arses and leaving you in disgrace. But I have come here to tell you that I was actually a bad joke. Thank you

(Megaman comes onto the screen) "Theres the impostor!" Vectrin:"(Little Girl Scream)" And runs off the screen with megaman chasing him.

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