The Black Metool

STORY: Serving for Met rights and to show that common metools are more than just slave labor robots, Xardion has nominated himself to prove their power. Xardion is one of the few metools that possess amazing combat strategy. Xardion really has no real purpose to join in the tournament except to show that he's tired of being a door stop.

Intro: *flies in on a jet, but Egoraptor comes in and steals his hat. But another one is revealed underneath. Xardion says. "Got an Extra!"

Basic Info

Xardion pretty much plays the role of the underdog, with pretty low stats, but with surprising and sneaky attacks. His trademark is catching opponents off guard and nailing them with a devastating attack. Namely his ever so famous "Doomsday Device". Xardion's size also plays an unremarkable advantage as almost all attacks travel right over his helmet.

Defense..4 ((8)) Inside his Helmet)
H Combos.7


Special Moves

Plasma Shot
Fierce Punch

Xardion's one button projectile is pretty fast, but doesn't cause much damage. However you can fire rapid shots by simply holding the Fierce Punch button. However opponents with high defense can blunt such attacks.

Triple Plasma Shot
All three Punch Buttons

Xardion can attack air born opponents with this move. Xardion will fire three Plasma Shots each piece flying in a separate flight path. Most of the time it will hit its target.

Helmet Hide
Down and block button

Xardion has basically the best defense in the entire game. He can blunt many kinds of attacks while ducking in his helmet. However he's vulnerable to throws and holds while doing this.

Helmet Bash
Forward, Forward, Weak punch

Head butt an opponent with Xardion's Helmet. It does some pretty good damage considering his size and lack of power. Xardion charges fast, and can strike without warning.

Rocket Bash
Up, Up, Weak Punch (while in the air)

Like Helmet Bash, Xardion only flies upward at a diagonal pattern, bashing any skyborn opponents. Xardion's jump isn't to great, and this move makes up for it.

Double Jump
Jump, then press up and Jump again

Xardion can also do a double Jump. Works the exact same as Fandango. The met can't get his feet off the ground to well, so this helps him out a bundles.


Hyper Combos

Metool Stampede
Back, Back-Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Medium Punch

Calling upon his Metool Followers, Xardion summons a stampede and they trample over anyone careless enough to get in their way. The damage is pretty good even if the opponent is ready and blocking.

Doomsday Device
Down, Down-Foward, Forward, two Punches

Xardion's "trademark" weapon which destroyed France. Only difference is he'll use it on his opponent! This attack fires a massive laser beam at full force at his target. Though if blocked the damage isn't as severe.

Dark Met
Down for three seconds, Down-Forward, Forward, two Kicks

Xardion's Defense will shrink, but is Offense will dramatically go up. Xardion's eyes glow with power and every attack he lands causes even more damage! Very similar to that of Clownman's Dark Jester Hyper.

Victory Quotes

"How does it feel to be beaten by a Metool?"
"Enjoy your defeat, cause that's all you'll earn with me."
"And you call yourself a Fighter."
"Met Pride always triumphs!"
"I maybe small, but so is your skill."

Taunt Move
Press Select

Xardion does a cocky little dance, then attempts to moon ya. 0_o


After winning the tournament, Xardion stands on a tall tower with his army of Mets beside him. He announces the Metool Revolution and with no resistance to stop them, they plot to take over the world. First the Tournament, then the Planet!

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