Robot Master Database.

don't point your mouse at me! Hi and welcome to the Robot Master Database. I'll be hosting this section! This is probably the most popular part of my page since it discusses almost every single character that ever took on the blue bomber. Although the Database still isn't completed, you can expect to see more updates here in the near future.

The database is arranged in tables, and I recommend using Explorer and Netscape Navigator 3.0 and higher to view the tables at their best. The tables should have a description of the robot with a mugshot on the left and two or more pictures on the right side.


For the Sprites: Megamanxtreme, Gauntlet, Lysekoid, Egoraptor, Shadow Man, Moo Moo Chan, Xardion, Tengu Man, Fanwegie, Proto Man@Bass (From the Archives Page) and Gyro Man.
For the Mugshots: Gauntlet, Mandi (WITH permission) and Sivak
For the Box Covers: Proto Man
For the Mega Manga: Hirotishi Ariga
For the Powerbattle sheets: Cyclone Man
For the awesome Robot Master Descriptions: Pixel Boy, Gauntlet
For the Battle and Chase Pics: Auto
For the Screenshots of the Mega Man Cartoon: Joey

Note: Remember to use your mouse to point at the mugshots in the Database. Each robot has a quote.

Mega Man 1 Robot Master Database
Proto ManMega Man Roll Bomb Man Guts Man Cut Man Elec Man It's me! Ice Man! Fire Man

Mega Man 2 Robot Master Database
Bubble Man Flash Man Quick Man Metal Man Wood Man Air Man Crash Man Heat Man

Mega Man 3 Robot Master Database
Snake Man Top Man Shadow Man Magnet Man Gemini Man Spark Man Needle Man Hard Man

Mega Man 4 Robot Master Database
Drill Man Toad Man Bright Man Pharaoh Man Ring Man Dust Man Skull Man Dive Man

Mega Man 5 Robot Master Database
Napalm Man Stone Man Charge Man Wave Man Star Man Gravity Man Gyro Man Crystal Man

Mega Man 6 Robot Master Database
Flame Man Blizzard Man Plant Man Tomahawk Man Yamato Man Knight Man Centaur Man Wind Man

Mega Man 7 Robot Master Database
Junk Man Freeze Man Burst Man Cloud Man Slash Man Spring Man Shade Man Turbo Man

Mega Man 8 Robot Master Database
Tengu Man Clown Man Frost Man Search Man Astro Man Sword Man Grenade Man Aqua Man

Rock Man and Forte Robot Master Database
Dynamo Man Magic Man Ground Man Pirate Man Burner Man Cold Man

To the Star Droids Database
TerraMercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

Other Major Characters Database
Doc ManEnker Quint Punk Ballade Sentinel #1Sentinel #2Sentinel #3Dark Man Sunstar Rock MonsterBuster Rod G.Mega Water S.Hyper Storm H. BassKing

PC Characters Database
Sonic ManVolt ManDyna ManTorch ManBit Man Shark Man Wave Man (PC)Oil Man Blade Man

Wonderswan Characters Database
Bullet Man Korno Man AirCon Man Komuso Man Clock ManCompass Man

Hall of Fame