Mega Man VS The Sinister Six

A rare game for the Arcades

don't point your mouse at me!Hi, and welcome to this rare page. Mega Man VS The Sinister Six is an Arcade game that pretty much functions like the Powerbattle, but is also a remake of Mega Man 1 basically. There maybe only >Six bosses, but they are very difficult. And that's why I set up this section to help you out and defeat them. Enjoy what I have here. It's not much, but more will be on the way.

The Sinister Six

Below is the recommended order to which to take them out. It is exactly the same as the NES version thank goodness, and the characters fight almost exactly from the NES. Even Elec Man's Thunder Beam can still take you out quickly in Six hits!!

Bomb Man

Bomb Man's Weapon: Hyper Bomb
Bomb Man's Strategy: Mostly, Bombman will leap back and forth across the room while hurling his bombs down towards Megaman. When Megaman gets close, he will leap again. Bomb Man is fairly quick and a well rounded fighter. But he's most likely the easiest to beat of the six since he really only has one ideal attack. So it's best to start with him.

Mega Man's Strategy:: The best idea is to just charge Bombman and blast him repeatedly with your plasma cannon. When he jumps, get out of the way of his falling bombs and run towards him again. He's difficult, but patience will earn you his Hyper Bombs!

Guts Man

Guts Man's Weapon: Super Arm
Guts Man's Strategy: Guts Man has really changed his fighting technique from the NES version. He has one thing going for him--his strength. He can't run fast or shoot fast. He jumps a lot and sometimes when he lands he will which Mega Man off of his feet. He also throw's boulders at Mega Man (of course). Guts Man also learned a new attack. He will charge at Mega Man in hope to knock him off his feet.

Mega Man's Strategy:: Your best bet is to jump just before Guts Man lands. That way, you'll keep your feet while the screen is shaking. Toss a few Hyper Bombs into Guts Man's path. After seven good hits with the Hyper Bomb, Guts Man will be history, giving Mega Man the power to lift certain large boulders.

Cut Man

Cut Man's Weapon: Rolling Cutter
Cut Man's Strategy: Cutman is much more difficult this time around. He will jump up and down incessantly while throwing his detachable boomerang-like blades at Megaman. While his Rolling Cutter is in the air, he'll most likely continue his assult...unlike the NES Cutman. Cut Man can also throw multiple blades this time around.

Mega Man's Strategy:: Like the NES version two hits with the boulders sitting in the corner will finish Cutman off in record time. However, he has an annoying tendency to jump around a lot and is most likely to jump one of your shots. In that event, the best idea is just to blast away at Cutman with the plasma cannon while leaping his thrown blades.

Elec Man

Elec Man's Weapon: Thunder Beam
Elec Man's Strategy: Elec Man is known as the most annoying character in Mega Man 1. This game is pretty much the same. His first move will be to charge you while simultaneously releasing his Thunder Beam. Watch out! Six hits with the Thunder Beam will kill Megaman, making it the most powerful weapon in any of the games.

Mega Man's Strategy:: Jump Elecman's first shot and hit him with the Rolling Cutter. Six hits with the blades will kill Elecman, but remember--it's harder to hit him with your weapon than it is for him to hit you with his.

Ice Man

Ice Man's Weapon: Ice Slasher
Ice Man's Strategy: This guy is a lot harder to kill than he looks if you don't have the Thunder Beam. Although his flying Ice Slashers (always fired in groups) move slowly, making it possible to jump them if you're very careful, Ice Man has two other harsh attacks also. Thankfully, Iceman isn't very fast, and is easy to hit once he finishes firing a round of Ice Slashers.

Mega Man's Strategy:: Jump and fire the Thunder Beam first thing so you can hit Iceman while he's jumping to fire his Ice Slashers. Basically, stay on the left side of the screen and jump his shots while firing your own, and Megaman will live to see another day. Be sure to watch he's Snow Storm and Instant Freeze attacks.

Fire Man

Fire Man's Weapon: Fire Storm
Fire Man's Strategy: Wow! What a pain! Fireman charges back and forth firing his Fire Storm in flaming walls at Rockman. He also can jump this time around, and fire his Fire Storm in almost any direction. He's learned some techniques too. He's a juggernaut: nothing you can do will stop him from charging.

Mega Man's Strategy:: Just fire your Ice Slasher like crazy and leap the flaming walls (and their flames they leave in their wake) as best you can. Ten or Eleven hits with the Ice Slasher should guarantee that you defeat Fireman. Watch out though, Fire Man shows no mercy.


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