I made a vow. A while back. And that was when I lost either my sinistersix email or domain name that I might as well shut down my site. And whichever came first, that was going to happen. So in reality it was going to happen eventually. I'm glad it did.

Why am I glad? Well, let's just say I'm sick of this stupid website. Sick to the very core. I'll be straight out honest with you all. I hate updating the site, I hate the layout, I hate the ideas, I hate just about everything on that site that I created. Why I kept such a awful site open is beyond my logic. Closing it got rid of a big load on my back, and now I can rest easy knowing that I made the right decision.

That's not all. I'm also through with the Megaman Community. The fueding, the fighting, just never seems to stop, I can't take part of a dying cause anyway. I still like Megaman/Rockman. And I always will. But some of the people are just plain jerks. For crying out loud, some jerk hacked my AIM account. How childish can you get!!?? Welp, you all that hated my site. You've won. I'm gone. The site is gone. I'm sure Marvel is happy too...I belive they thought that I ripped them off from the very begining, and I'm sure they are after the domain now that I've lost it. Another reason to close my site. What point of calling it if one already exists. I hope Marvel and Stan Lee are happy. Also, I'm sick of people bashing me because I like the Backstreet Boys, calling me faggot, and queer. Welp, that's a bunch of bullcrap. And simply because of this reason, I will now "hate" The Backstreet Boys, so I can simply stop being called these names. Heck, they probably hate me anyway, sense they are linked with Marvel...who in turn probably hate my guts as well for stealing Sinister Six.

But it doesn't matter anymore whether I like Marvel or the BSB. As of this day, I'm not responding to any emails, nor am I ever coming back on AIM. I'm following in Jason's foot steps. Not because I belive in what he did. But I see no point of being in a depressing and stressful Community, if there ever was one.

Unlike Jason though, I know I Had friends who helped me along the way, and I thought he was one of them...and like most of my friends, he turned on me. Welp, I can't bear for that to happen to the rest of my online buddies. And I will miss you. I've got lots to worry about outside the internet. Like finding a full time job, getting my rotten life back together, and mainly straighting out my future. I've got a messed up life. The world of a reject. I'm 21 after all. Maybe, someday I'll come back online, but until my rage subsides, I'm afraid that'll be not likely. I feel I should just make the online crew a better place by removing myself from it.

I'm scum, a worthless pile of vermin trash, who doesn't deserve to have friends like I did before. Why should I have them? I mean, all my life they've turned on me one way or another. So why continue?

Anyway, that's all I have to say. Once again, I'm probably blabbing stupid shit that nobody cares to listen to, so I'll end it all now. You can still visit by clicking here. What's left of it. But no more updates are going to be done. It'll just be a waste of web space. So goodbye, caio, cya, and good riddance.