Hi, here is the Hall of Fame Page. This page lets you see who brought you the world of Mega Man. The Webmasters of the internet and true dedicated Mega Man fans. If you wish to be added to this awesome list, you must first have a Webpage with a lot of information pertaining to Mega Man. And then I will decide if you deserve to be placed upon my hall of fame. Now here are the webmasters!

Also I'd like to include that if you use a original character I will not put you up in the Hall of Fame!

I'm thinking of reconsidering this rule, after all I don't think it's fair to webmasters like Cut Man, Fire Man, Heat Man, Auto,and those countless others who use existing characters as their characters. After all, they should be recognized just like the other non-original webmasters. But for now, let's just stick with this. Remember to click on the names to teleport to their awesome webpages!


My real name is Jason Howell and I'm 14 years old. 15 to be in June. My interest in Megaman is always growing and I'll be a all time devoted fan. I like designing sprites, drawing, making games using Multimedia Fusion, playing video games, computers, as well as hanging out with my friends for the day. Some of my goals are to become successful at designing my own sprites, learning to draw anime very well, to learn how to speak japanese, and to successfully fulfill my goal for world domination... oops! How'd that get there? Heh...

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Lysekoid is my name, and I'm the general for my Galaxoid Space Fleet. We are the protecting force of the Mega Man Galaxy, and only the best may join us. Check out if you are robot enough to join our team, and contribute with some sprites. Yes, We collect sprites and I even make some myself, for myself and others.

Quoted by Lysekoid.


No stats have been put up for Fanewgie

Pixel Boy

A special tribute to a very dedicated Mega Man Fan, who will always be with us. Pixel Boy is closing his site for good on April 3rd. Almost everyone will hate to see him go. I for one will forever remember his work and spectacular artwork. Bow your heads, my friends, it's the final resting place of this Mega Man notable who has passed on to greater things.


I'm Eye-lephant, ruler and webmaster of the Madball homepage. For any who dare enter the Madball Realm should be forewarned. Their world is a never ending battle field, and I'm there to host it. My real name is Gary Martin or other wise known as The Madball King to my friends. In case you haven't known, I'm also Ice Man The runner of this very page!

Quoted by Eye-lephant

Dark Napalm

No stats have been put up for Dark Napalm

Cyclone Man

No stats have been put up for Cyclone Man

Death Angel

No stats have been put up for Death Angel

Tribute Graves

don't point your mouse at me!Welcome to the Tribute Graves. Honoring those who have made in impact in all our lives. Bow your heads, my friends. It's the final resting place of Mega Man notables who have passed on to greater things. (Note: The owners of these characters are NOT dead (at least, not yet). They have merely left the Mega Man Internet world behind, and their character have met their end.) Look straight, my friends, even though the character is gone, the legend will always be remembered.

Pixel Boy NAME: Pixel Boy
OCCUPATION: Runner of Pixel Boy's Mega Man Mainframe, Talented HTML wizard
DATE OF DEATH: April 3, 1999
Cyclone Man NAME: Cyclone Man
OCCUPATION: Runner of Cyclone Man's Database, A good friend
DATE OF DEATH: July 13, 1999

People to be listed here in the future include Nic Wolfpac, Mad Man, Egoraptor, and Zero X Gold!