Ice Man Memorium

Welcome to the Museum

don't point your mouse at me! Hi, and welcome to the Ice Man Memorium. This section honors that little blue Eskimo guy who I like so much. I'm honored to be a symbol of this awesome character (Sinister Six), so I'll be displaying everything I can find that is "Ice Man" related. Consider this a museum of Ice Man stuff. Also new stuff will be added as I find and receive more things.

Now look below to see the cool Ice Man stuff!

This image or mugshot was created my Mandi from the Mega Man Homepage. Very nice.
A neat animated sprite made by IRA from Fire Man Vive. This is what Ice Man looked like in 8-bit format from Mega Man 1
A scanned picture of Ice Man from the original Instruction Booklet of Mega Man 1. This is unique being Capcom's original art.

Download the Ice Man Midi. Here you can download the soundtrack to Ice Man's stage. A rather kewl tune.

A cool snapshot of Ice Man in Dr. Light's Scrap book at the end of Mega Man 3. Thanks to Shortcut for the awesome pic.
A small sprite of Ice Man from that hit game Mega Man Soccer. One of my all time favorite MM games.

Ice Man in the animated Mega Man cartoon series. He stared in all the introductions and two full length episodes.

Ice Man in HITOSHI ARIGA's Mega Manga. A popular comic series in Japan. Ariga's art is very unique and special.

Ice Man drawn by me for the "Sinister Six" Series. A series released only in I've heard. I can't get any of their art so I drew out my own version. And here's me! Ice Man.

The collectable Ice Man CD from Rock Man and Forte.

A sprite sheet of Ice Man in the arcade game Mega Man: The Powerbattle. A very rare treat indeed. This is what Ice Man looked like upgraded in 16-bit format.

A very cool sprite sheet of Ice Man in 32-bit format. These sprites were made by Cyclone Man. Thanks man! These are awesome!

Ice Man posing from the Japanese Mega Man game: Mega Man: Battle and Chase. Special thanks to Auto for the pic! It really rocks.
Ice Man in his car The Cool Mobile from Mega Man: Battle and Chase. Once again, special thanks to Auto for the pic! I've been looking for this one for ages!
A pose of Ice Man in the new Mega Man remakes for the PCX. Special thanks to Xardion for the pic! I love it!
More will be on the way!!


If you have any Ice Man stuff you see missing or you'd like to contribute, please do!