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BTW: PLEASE READ! I will be transferring data from here to my new site!! So if you see no "return to main" link, that's why! So simply hit the "back" button if that's the case. I have to try to work around moving stuff around and keeping this site open for the time being. So if you see some strange stuff going on, rest assured it will be fixed up soon! I promise an even bigger site very soon! So stay posted!

Hi, I'm Ice Man. WHAT'S NEW?

The Robot Master Races have now started, so no more votes will be counted! So go check out the progress as of now. The next roll will happen soon. Quite possible at the new site. So see ya then. =)

02/16/00A good chunky update. First off I'd like to say that Groovy Kat has moved to a new address. His link should be listed below. 2nd I added two new drawings to my Art Section and There's a new banner at my Banners Page.
The Robot Master Races have been delayed a tad, answering all your questions about it. It will; however, will be starting shortly...maybe later tonight or tomorrow perhaps. Also I'm thinking of combining my two MM sites into one big site. So that way I don't have to update Both all the time. But it's a big step, and might not happen for quite some time. That's all for today.

02/11/00 I made yet another Soccer Sprite. None other than Shark Man. Yes, I had an earlier version of him, but I hadn't a clue what the heck he looked like. Thanks to MSipher, I was able to determine what his head looked like. Talk about a Snake Man wannabe. Tee hee.
Thanks MSipher for showing me what old Shark Bag looked like. Now his soccer conversion sprite has been added to the Conversions Page and Soccer Page. Check him out below!

02/05/00 Hey all, I made another Soccer Sprite. Yes, it's true. The Lazy Eskimo has done something useful. Ha! Anyway. I made a soccer conversion for by buddy Lysekoid. Check it out here and in the Conversions Page and the Soccer Page! I hope to make conversions for my other buds Egoraptor, Shortcut, Andon, and others. Cya soon!

02/03/00Hey all, I uploaded the Mega Man Soccer Sheets to the Conversions Page. Next I'll be thinking of doing Powerbattle Conversions...maybe.

Groovy Kat has moved to a new Address! Click here and Poof you're Their! =) Good luck on your new site Groovy!

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