Mega Manga

The Mega Man Comics

Hey there. Do you enjoy reading comics? Besides the soon to come Sinister Six comic brought to you by Gary and the Fire Man Comic brought to you by IRA there is another fantastic comic artist out there who goes by the name of HITOSHI ARIGA He draws out professional artwork staring Mega Man and in fact The Six themselves. In his comics, the Sinister Six are the good guys. Surprised? Kinda reminds you of Godzilla. Which side will he be on in this one? =P

What is Manga? Mainly it's just a word for Japanese Comics. Also it's like Japanese Anime It's a really cool and unique concept with comics.

Well not much is up here at the moment, but you can gaze upon the halls of some sketches and pages from the comics. Enjoy!

The Manga Characters

Mega Man
Air Man
Elec Man
Gemini Man
Charge Man
Guts Man
Wood Man
Crash Man
Fire Man
Bubble Man
Pharaoh Man
Wind Man
Flash Man
Heat Man
Dive Man
Ice Man
Quick Man
Metal Man
Cut Man
Shadow Man
Dust Man
Skull Man

The Mega Man Killers


The Manga Sketches

Ariga Sketch 1
Ariga Sketch 2
Ariga Sketch 3
Ariga Sketch 4
Ariga Sketch5
Ariga Sketch 6
Ariga Sketch 7

The Manga Comics

Air Man gone bezerk
Wily on the Rampage
Ice Man, Elec Man, and Roll

Other Mangas

Total Chaos(The six must be bad guys in this one)

Check out Ariga's site by clicking here! Check it out!