The Mega Man Soundtracks

don't point your mouse at me!Want to hear some music eh? Well, this is the place. I've been collecting the "best" versions of the characters theme songs, and have stock piled them here for your hearing pleasure. All Theme songs are unique in their own way. I've separated the music files in the games they appear in. When you download them, be sure to remember who composed the music file.

Mega Man 1 Character Themes

Ahhh...the good old classic character themes. The ones that started it all. Indeed worth listening to, some of the best themes in this collection include Cut Man's awesome tune, and good old Bomb Man can put the music into your day.
Bomb Man's Theme Daniel Genz
Cut Man's Theme Megamanxtreme
Elec Man's Theme Jorge D. Fuentes
Fire Man's Theme Megamanxtreme
Guts Man's Theme Jorge D. Fuentes
Ice Man's Theme ???

Mega Man 2 Character Themes

Yet another classic collection of fully enjoyable themes. One of the top collection pics from Mega Man fans everywhere. One loves to get fully engaged in Bubble Man's smooth watery tune, and others prefer action paced music with Metal Man!
Air Man's Theme Tom Kim
Bubble Man's Theme Tom Kim
Crash Man's Theme Steven C. King
Flash Man's Theme Steven C. King
Heat Man's Theme ???
Metal Man's Theme Jorge D. Fuentes
Quick Man's Theme Steven C. King
Wood Man's Theme Tom Kim

Mega Man 3 Character Themes

Quite Possibly the best collection of music themes yet! Everyone gets a spin out of Top Man's Theme. And you can get really attached to Magnet Man's Tune. Plus Spark Man can lend a touch of electric rock
Gemini Man's Theme Jorge D. Fuentes
Hard Man's Theme Bun Bun and Jarel Jones
Magnet Man's Theme Tim Cornolly
Needle Man's Theme ???
Shadow Man's Theme Joe Bickley
Snake Man's Theme Daniel Genz
Spark Man's Theme ???
Top Man's Theme Dave.choe

Mega Man 4 Character Themes

It's time for a new set of unique tunes, brought to you in the Mega Man 4 Trilogy collection. You'll feel lit up after hearing the classic tune of Bright Man and Dust Man's dirty rap will make you beg for more!
Bright Man's Theme Blac_Dragoon
Dive Man's Theme ???
Dust Man's Theme Dave.doe
Drill Man's Theme Dave.doe
Pharaoh Man's Theme Jorge D. Fuentes
Ring Man's Theme Jorge D. Fuentes
Skull Man's Theme ???
Toad Man's Theme ???

Mega Man 5 Character Themes

This collection offers many fined tuned hits. Infact one of my absolute favorites is in this collection! Gyro Man's sure to lift you to the heavens with is awesome tune! And who can forget the unforgettable battlefield music of Napalm Man!
Charge Man's Theme Dermot Mac
Crystal Man's Theme ???
Gravity Man's Theme Orange Juice S.
Gyro Man's Theme ???
Napalm Man's Theme Quickman69
Star Man's Theme ???
Stone Man's Theme Jorge D. Fuentes
Wave Man's Theme Joe Bickley

Mega Man 6 Character Themes

This Collection is the "last" of the regular NES music series. It may be the last, but it has some good themes in this collection. Some including the breezy sounds of Wind Man's Song and Plant Man has been known to put the jingle into your jungle. haha. =P
Blizzard Man's Theme ???
Centaur Man's Theme ???
Flame Man's Theme Evilyam
Knight Man's Theme ???
Plant Man's Theme Jorge D. Fuentes
Tomahawk Man's Theme ???
Wind Man's Theme Ben Yackley
Yamato Man's Theme ???

Mega Man 7 Character Themes

Brought to you by the first SNES generated music tunes. These are the first 16-bit Mega Man sound files. They sound awesome! Why not give them a try. They may not be as "classical" as the NES versions, but they still are fine tuned for your music soul. (Not the whole collection is done yet)
Burst Man's Theme Not up yet
Cloud Man's Theme Jarel Jones
Freeze Man's Theme Jarel Jones
Junk Man's Theme Heat Man 5
Shade Man's Theme ???
Slash Man's Theme Jarel Jones
Spring Man's Theme ???
Turbo Man's Theme Not up yet

Mega Man 8 Character Themes

These music files surly aren't as good as the originals, and it's hard to find some good remixes which is why there isn't much in this collection just yet. But Frost Man has a nice catchy tune, while Clown Man's circus music can be rather enjoyable.
Aqua Man's Theme Not up yet
Astro Man's Theme Not up yet
Clown Man's Theme Jarel Jones
Frost Man's Theme Sivak Drac
Grenade Man's Theme Not up yet
Search Man's Theme Not up yet
Sword Man's Theme Not up yet
Tengu Man's Theme Not up yet

Other Files

Here are the other files. Here is Cyclone Man's Theme. It is also the music from Mega Man 4: Cossack's 3rd Castle Stage.

Cyclone Man's Theme ???

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Mega Man Fact: Cyclone Man was an original design for Mega Man 5, but was replaced by Gyro Man. Also the soundtrack from Mega Man 4 (Cossacks 3rd Castle Stage) would of been reused for Cyclone Man's Theme song! But instead Capcom created Gyro Man with a whole new theme song.