Who is the Ice Man?

Welcome to "The Man behind the mask" section of my page. This is where you can learn everything about me. So feel free to explore the contents below.

My real name is Gary and I live in Texas. Where in TX? You figure it out. Nah, sorry. I shouldn't be so mean. I rather keep that private.

How did I get the nickname Ice Man? Well it all started when I noticed that cold weather seemed to have no effect on me. Although I do get cold at times. But rarely. Also people say I look just like the Ice Man in the cartoon show. And well there are several other reasons. But now I'm known as Ice Man. Ice Man is also my favorite Robot Master in the Mega Man series.

Some of my favorite pass times is to watch South Park on Comedy Central. The show is really funny, and I've noticed that Ice Man looks resemble similar to Kenny....

Other people on the net also know me as the biggest Madball fan on the face of the planet. Also if you haven't figured it out. I'm also Eye-lephant!! So Eye-lephant resides at my Madball address. Just click on the name Eye-lephant and you're there! WOW! Slap my monkey!

My favorite actor is Will Wheaton. Yes the Star Trek dude. Do you have a problem with that? He has stared in other movies you know. I'll be including a link to my friends page. Cinnae. But I forgot the address. Oops.

I also like Edward Furlong and Cindy Crawford as favorite actors and actresses.

Now for all my friends at work. They've been waiting patiently for this. I work at AMC Grapevine 30 Movie theaters. So I decided to place my AMC buddies on my page along side the star. ME! So here they are in no particular order.

Picture 1

These are my three buds (left)Ramona (center) Lacey (right) and KC. Don't you think they have nice smiles? I think so. Anyways, KC and Lacey quit not to long ago. But Ramona is still with me. I swear the managers get on our case if we talk to each other. Oh well.

Picture 2

Two of my supervisors are posing for a beauty contest. NO! Just kidding. They offered to get their picture taken. (Left) is KC again. And (right) is Janalyn. I think I spelled it right. Anyways....these are my two supervisors.

Picture 3

Here is my friend Phillip. Ok, so he's not really my friend, he just snuck into the photo shoot. Sorry girls, he's already got a girlfriend. I think.

Picture 4

Here we have Lacey again on the right. And we have another good friend of mine Chrys. Even though they both had a small fight a while back, I'm sure they made up and are talking to each other again. I hope. When they're angry, then so am I. Of course, I'm always PO'd about something.

Picture 5

Here's Lacey yet again along with.....can you guess....ME! The Ice Man! Yes that's what I look like in my "other" uniform. I like my Eskimo outfit much better obviously. But anyways, this is one of my favorite pictures. Not because I'm in it. I'm not selfish (at least not yet). But It reminds me of Lacey before she...*sigh* quit. :(

Picture 6

Here's one fellow concessionist who didn't want his picture taken. Which I'm surprised, because Jeff seems like the photo type. Well, he used to be my friend, now he's a supervisor. So now I have to follow his lame orders. How revolting....just kidding Jeff.

Picture 7

Now we leave the concession stand and go to the main lobby of where I work. Here we have Chrys and my other friend Geoff Funny ways to spell names huh? Shouldn't Chrys be Chris. Or Geoff be Jeff? I guess we'll never know.

REMEMBER FELLOW EMPLOYEES:If you want your picture up here with these follow these simple, easy steps. Ready?
  1. Get a camera
  2. Take a picture of yourself
  3. Develop it
  4. Give it to me so I can scan it
  5. Do the tango, because in a week that picture will be here!

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