Paper Megaman!?

Hi! Welcome to my next game idea. One of my fave games of all times is Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64! While I've beaten it countless times, I still play it over and over. And it got me thinking. Imagine a Paper Megaman like game! I tried writing some stuff about it, but there weren't just enough characters to have Megaman talk to. So I put it aside for a long while...

A year later a friend of mine suggested to include characters from the Megaman Community! Perfect! And so once again I got started on the idea. The Sections below is a basic guide to the game. I hope to bring out a lot of eye candy for the game soon. I have only a "few" images thus far. So be patient. Remember that not all the sections are working, so if you hit a dead end...well...I'll list the sections that are complete below. Now, I hope you enjoy this special treat!

Completed Sections:
Paper Caper, Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Pictures, Megaman's Team, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, and Music

Under Construction Sections but are linked

Newest Sections Up to Date
Chapter 4 (09/05/02)
Music (09/07/02)

Paper Mario, Super Mario Brothers, and all related characters are copywrited by Nintendo. The sources here are for amusement and fun only! Just don't a sue me eh!?