Cut Man's Theme

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The Blade Master

If you can't break it.  Cut it
Cut Man's Page

Humanoid Name: Cut Man
Humanoid Number: #003
Real Name: Jason Howell
Height: 4'7" Inches
Weight: 94 IBS
Likes: Running around with scissors
Dislikes: The word "rock" (Rock Man)
Worst Fear: People who are stronger than him
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Goal: To find an alloy so strong that his Rolling Cutter would be able to destroy anything.
Quote: I fight by night! I fight by day! Get me mad, and you'll feel my blade!
Cut Man

Cut Man Stats: Being the oldest member of the crew is no picnic but Cut Man makes the best of it, even with Ice Man's remark of Old Fart, which Cut Man (Jason) doesn't take to lightly. Cut Man is full of emotions. One day he's extremely cheery and full of energy, and another he's grumpy and refuses to smile. You'll never know how he'll feel the next day. Cut Man is also the smallest member of the six and he wishes to be bigger than he really is. Cut Man being a more evil opponent than good shows his nature by hating Mega Man. He's the only brother to actually dispise him. Cut Man's favorite hobbies are making websites, drawing, and creating animae.

Powers: Cut Man is Armed with huge, stong, durable blades that can slice through virtually anything. But to this day he's still perfecting the perfect weapon for battle and hopes to come up with it soon. Cut Man only gets enjoyment from battle by shearing his opponent to death, making him the most lethal and deadly opponent of the group. Cut Man is always trying to prove his worth and hopes one day to bring Mega Man down to his knees.

Fun Cut Man Facts:

Cut Man enjoys animae and hopes to publish his own someday.
Cut Man also loves Pokemon and collects their stuff whenever he can.
Cut Man enjoys creating all kinds of sharp weapons and is perfecting the perfect one for battle

Alright! What did you do with my Pokemon Collection!?
Cut Man: Alright! What did you do with my Pokemon Collection!? Eh!?

Cut Man animation

Cut Man in Mega Manga 1