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The Thunder God

My attacks are shocking!
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Humanoid Name: Elec Man
Humanoid Number: #008
Real Name: Andon Whitehorn
Height: 5' 11" - 6' 0"
Weight: 115 IBS
Likes: Pacifism, music of the political/anarcho/peace/earth-first! Punk genre, skateboarding, and pink lemonade
Dislikes: Conflicts that lead to violence (there's no need for it; ever,) war (it's pointless,) the church, the state, and the policing of this world
Worst Fear: Running with Cutman
Eye Color: Blue-green
Hair Color: Red (dyed) (we're talkin' fire engine red here, people)
Goal: To aid in the step towards a world with no boundaries, political parties, fascism, hate, or government .
Quote: "Listen up, boys and girls. It's the history of the whole world. Ya' know, it's true. Six million Jews they call it genocide, 100 million Native Americans, what an unfortunate price for today's quality of life."

Elec Man

Elec Man Stats:Elecman will light up your life...with 10,000 volts that is. While Elecman sometimes seems like the serious one at times, he can be a pretty goofy and silly as well. As for personality, he belives in many things, and will support his beliefs 100%. With Edward's fall, Andon as the "new" Elecman is still training to become what Edward once was. Though at passive times, Andon has shown the qualities of a real warrior. Granted with the other members, Andon is indeed a worthy and stunning addition to the group. Just don't give Andon a basketball, cause well...now all the members at the team of S6 aren't worth a match. o_0.

Powers: Elec Man has the unique ability to absorb massive amounts of electricty in his body and shoot it out at a blazing force. These attacks are extremely powerful and they've been known to pulverize opponents as soon as they've been hit. If the blast doesn't kill them, the aftermath will. However Elec man never underestimates his opponents, and will use his opponents weaknesses against them.

Fun Elec Man Facts:

Elecman doesn't drink caffinated or carbonated drinks, so he almost always drinks pink lemonade.
Elec hopes to one day live in a peaceful world with no borders, governments, or conflicts.
Being a gutter punk, Elecman seldom buys new clothes and he donates his paychecks to charities

Better watch out! I got that Electrifying personality!
Elec Man: Better watch out! I got that Electrifying personality!

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