Fire Man's Theme

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The Warrior With The Hair Of Fire

Fire is the ultimate weapon!
Fire Man's Page

Humanoid Name: Fire Man
Humanoid Number: #007
Real Name: IRA (Ivan Rodriguez Asqui)
Height: 5'9" Inches
Weight: 111 IBS
Likes: A quick battle, and planes
Dislikes: Getting his butt kicked
Worst Fear: Hard winter, and being cold
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Goal: To crush anyone who dares to fight him.
Quote: You won't see me laughing (cause he's got that mask) =P

Fire Man

Fire Man Stats: For the pleasure of Battle and war, Fire Man will talk about it for hours. He simply loves the thrill of combat and hardly anything else, except however chicks. Fire Man (IRA) loves women almost as much as Elec Man and the two are always found together talking with girls when they are out of their armor. Also IRA has the unique ability to talk in spanish, being the only member who is part mexican. IRA also enjoys drawing (As with most members of the six), animae, and practicing for future battles.

Powers: Accourding to the six, Fire Man is the big gun of the group. Being the only member with arm-cannons. And he can cause some heavy damage with them as well. He has enough "flame" power to pulverize an entire forest. And his pattern of attack always makes him unpredictable. Fire Man gets creative in battle and is always perfecting his technique. He hopes to one day become the most powerful and loyal warrior alive.

Fun Fire Man Facts:

Fire Man actually loves all his brothers ... but he's not very emotive, so he doesn't show too many feelings (at least wearing the mask) Another pun! HA!
Fire Man is always counted on to lead a charge into battle. Next to Guts Man himself, he is the bravest guy on the force.
Fire Man hopes to date a girl who likes him for who he is, and not his fame.

Check out my blazing inferno!
Fire Man: Check out my blazing inferno!


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