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I'm a snowman with an attitude!
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Humanoid Name: Ice Man
Humanoid Number: #005
Real Name: Gary Martin
Height: 3'6" Inches (Iceman's height, not mine)
Weight: 89 IBS (Iceman's Weight, not mine)
Likes: Ice Cream and coconut pie (espcially thrown in somebody's face)
Dislikes: People without a sence of humor
Worst Fear: Being struck by Lightning
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Goal: To share an enternal winter with everyone. (Whether they like it or not)
Quote: I'm a snowman with an attitude!

Ice Man

Ice Man Stats: Being acknowledged as the group clown, Ice Man (Gary) is always the comedy type being the groups comic relief. People say he doesn't act his age with his jokes and pranks, but many also enjoy his good humor and positive attitude. The group can always count on him for a good laugh. Gary is fun to be with although he can be reckless which is why he is friends with Magma Dragoon from the X-Force. He also likes Drawing and internet.

Powers: Granted with the ability to freeze anything with his Ice Slasher beam, Ice Man is one deadly opponent. Also Ice Man can withstand very extreme sub-zero temperatures which makes him the perfect choice for navigating cold climates. Ice Man's boots is also specialy designed so he can't slip on thin ice. Ice Man can do anything with the cold which also means creating hazardous blizzards and snow storms. In fact one of his favorite battle tactics is to turn floors to ice to keep his enemy off balance. The only thing Ice Man lacks is his agility

Fun Ice Man Facts:

Ice Man enjoys rock music from *Nsync and The Backstreet Boys.
Ice Man keeps his room under 20 degrees to keep from getting warm.
Ice Man's favorite holiday is April Fools Day for certain reasons...
Ice Man has a passion for racing.

I'll freeze you into carbonite!
Ice Man: I'll freeze you into carbonite!

Ice Man animation

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