Original Sinister Six Profiles

don't point your mouse at me!The Sinister Six!!!

Guts Man!
Elec Man!
Ice Man!
Fire Man!
Bomb Man!
Cut Man!

Guts Man: Yo! We had to come here because Cut Man has this addiction for Pokemon and he wouldn't quit bothering us until we came here. And we figured we'd do a little fighting since we're here.

Cut Man: Hehehe that's me!

Elec Man: Here's a little description on each of us.

Bomb Man: Hey, could I get a word in here guys?

Ice Man: No!

Bomb Man: Oh... anyways, here's us:

GUTS MAN- The Bulldozer with the Iron Fist

Humanoid Name: Guts Man
Humanoid Number: #004
Real Name: Timothy Knotts (Tim)
Height: 6'2' Inches
Weight: 201 IBS
Likes: Big Boulders
Dislikes: People who whine
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Brown
Goal: To smash anyone who laughs at him (Unless it's a joke made by Ice Man).
Quote: It takes guts to take me on.

Powers: Gifted with superhuman strength, Guts Man is the strongest man and robot on Earth. He can lift an entire house with little difficulty. Though he lacks projectile attacks, he's still the perfect host when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He's highly trained in weaponry like sword-fighting and star throwing. Guts Man also enjoys using his surrondings as weapons: Cars, boulders, anything he can lift.

Guts Man: Hehe I'm kinda the leader of this group.

Elec Man: Heh...

Guts Man: Well, someone has to keep you guys in line.

Cut Man: True...

Elec Man: Anyway, I'm up next.

ELEC MAN- The Thunder God

Humanoid Name: Elec Man
Humanoid Number: #008
Real Name: Edward Freelong (Eddie)
Height: 5'8' Inches
Weight: 107 IBS
Likes: Thunder Storms
Dislikes: Being beaten in battle
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Blond
Goal: Wishes to absorb all the electricity in the world and use it as powerful weapon.
Quote: My attacks are electrifying, and I strike like thunder!

Powers: Elec Man has the unique ability to absorb massive amounts of electricty in his body and shoot it out at a blazing force. These attacks are extremely powerful and they've been known to pulverize opponents as soon as they've been hit. If the blast doesn't kill them, the aftermath will.

Elec Man: :)

Ice Man: I'm up next kiddies!

ICE MAN- The Ice Man Cometh

Humanoid Name: Ice Man
Humanoid Number: #005
Real Name: Gary Martin
Height: 5'4' Inches
Weight: 89 IBS
Likes: Ice Cream and coconut pie (espcially thrown in somebody's face)
Dislikes: People without a sence of humor
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Goal: To share an enternal winter with everyone. (Whether they like it or not)
Quote: I'm a snowman with an attitude!

Powers: Granted with the ability to freeze anything with his Ice Slasher beam, Ice Man is one deadly opponent. Also Ice Man can withstand very extreme sub-zero temperatures which makes him the perfect choice for navigating cold climates. Ice Man's boots is also specialy designed so he can't slip on thin ice. Ice Man can do anything with the cold which also means creating hazardous blizzards and snow storms. In fact one of his favorite battle tactics is to turn floors to ice to keep his enemy off balance.

Bomb Man: Hehe, Ice Man is the comedian of the group also.

Fire Man: Heads up! Here comes me!

FIRE MAN- The Warrior with the Hair of Fire

Humanoid Name: Fire Man
Humanoid Number: #007
Real Name: IRA (Ivan Rodriguez Asqui)
Height: 5'9' Inches
Weight: 111 IBS
Likes: A quick battle, and planes
Dislikes: Getting his butt kicked
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Goal: To crush anyone who dares to fight him.
Quote: You won't see me laughing (cause he's got that mask) =P

Powers: According to the six, Fire Man is the big gun of the group. Being the only member with arm-cannons. And he can cause some heavy damage with them as well. He has enough 'flame' power to pulverize an entire forest. And his pattern of attack always makes him unpredictable. Fire Man gets creative in battle and is always perfecting his technique. He hopes to one day become the most powerful and loyal warrior alive.

Bomb Man: Oooo! Me next! Me! Me! Me!

BOMB MAN- The Bomber with the Explosive Personality

Humanoid Name: Bomb Man
Humanoid Number: #006
Real Name: Scott Stewert
Height: 5'6'Inches
Weight: 161 IBS
Likes: Anything edible
Dislikes: Plastic food, and things that don't blow up
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Brown
Goal: To enjoy life at it's fullest and to have fun
Quote: People always say I love to have a blast!

Powers: Armed with the ability to produce bombs out of then air, his weapon has been feared for decades, by enemies and allies alone. Bomb Man seems to take pleasure at blowing everything up, and he's fairly strong and is resistant to attack. Because of his limited intellegence he lacks combat strategy, but he's a good team player. Bomb Man can also reconfigure bombs from going off that has been armed by other robots or humans. A talent many wish they had.

Cut Man: And last but not least, me!

CUT MAN- The Blade Master

Humanoid Name: Cut Man
Humanoid Number: #003
Real Name: Jason Howell
Height: 5'4' Inches
Weight: 94 IBS
Likes: Running around with scissors
Dislikes: The word 'rock'
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Goal: To find an alloy so strong that his Rolling Cutter would be able to destroy anything.
Quote: I fight by night! I fight by day! Get me mad, and you'll feel my blade!

Powers: Cut Man is Armed with huge, stong, durable blades that can slice through virtually anything. But to this day he's still perfecting the perfect weapon for battle and hopes to come up with it soon. Cut Man only gets enjoyment from battle by shearing his opponent to death, making him the most lethal and deadly opponent of the group.

All: And together, we are the Sinister Six (S6)!!!