Devil's Theme

The Giant Cyclops with Unbelivable Power

I will destroy all who oppose me!
Yellow Devil's Page

Cyborg Name: Yellow Devil
Cyborg Number: None
Real Name: Super Chaos
Height: 11' 8" Inches
Weight: 891 IBS
Likes: Impersonating people
Dislikes: The Sinister Six
Worst Fear: He fears nothing...but he don't like spiders. =P
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: No hair. He's a baldie
Goal: To seize control of the world and to crush his enemies.
Quote: I always kill my enemy!

Yellow Devil

Yellow Devil Stats: The Sinister Six's main adversary, nemisis and enemy. Also born in the same time period as the six themselves, but he was under the power of the Devious Dr. Wily. He is known as being Dr. Wily's most ingenious (and deadly) creations. After Wily's countless losses to Mega Man, the Yellow Devil grew intellegent and took a vile twist by destroying Dr. Wily's lab. Then left to start its own mission, to destroy all who oppose his power. The Yellow Devil has gone through many incarnations over the years, each time becoming smarter, and stronger. With only "evil" intensions implanted in its brain module, his only purpose in life is to destroy it, sadly enough.

Powers: This giant is composed of material that can split itself into smaller peices that can fly around on their own. Also his body is made of a special ooze liquid that allows it to take the many shapes and forms. The entire body is controlled by a small brain module that usually hides inside the body and comes out to make visual contact with its surroundings, and to attack its target with a attack. This brain module is the sole weakpoint of Super Chaos.

Fun Yellow Devil Facts:

Contrary to most beliefs...Super Chaos has a soft side, but he "never" shows it
Super Chaos is a very powerful foe, and he learns a new attack almost daily.
Yellow Devil likes smelling flowers, though he has no nose?

Watch out puny Humans!
Watch out puny humans!

Cool animation of Yellow Devil