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Sometimes it's best not to ask. And in this case, this would fit nicely. There's a game Rockman And Forte for the WonderSwan showing 6 all new Robot Masters. Basically, this game wasn't released by Capcom, and heck...nobody even really wants to play it. 0_o But below is the best I can administer. Thanks to Yamineko Shungoku for the information and images he has provided for this section!

Story: Some weird Shadow Megaman appears out of nowhere and purposely sets his 6 homemade Master Robots to go blow stuff up. They do, and it lures MegaMan to the scene(trumpets). The funny part is that Bass also pops up, sent by Dr. Wily. Confusion is amiss, until the 6 RM's and the Shadow MM step forward and give MM and Bass a criteria. One of them has to destroy his 6 Rms and defeat him for him to reveal himself. Do this, and you find out(while fighting him actually) that the Shadow Mega is really Quint, and he came from the future(MM X and Zero's time actually) to challenge MM. In the end, Quint is reprogrammed as another household robot. Sakugarne(his pogo stick, dip) is still used by him, Roll likes him, blah blah blah OK.

NOte: I haven't played this game, so their attacks and weapons maybe a tad off. I'll give more "accrate" information when I get to play the game. So the descripions below are from my own imagination.

A bullet can penetrate almost anything.#DMN001 Bullet Man

Weapon:Mega Vulcan
Endurance: 7.0
Intellegence: 4
Speed: 7
Battle Skill: 5

His japanese name being Dangan Man, Bullet Man can be a nasty opponent. Despite his clumsyness, he's strong and fairly fast to boot. Bullet Man's intellegence gets him into numerous problems; However, Bullet Man can zoom around his area at incredible speeds, causing energy to surround him. This energy called Mega Vulcan is extremly powerful, causing serious damage to whomever it hits. Since Bullet Man lacks projectile attacks (exemption of himself), using a weapon from a distance is the best method of defeating Bullet Man's raging battle skills. Mega Vulcan is quite explosive too.

MOTTO: "A Bullet can penetrate almost anything"

I burn, therefore I am.#DMN002 Konro Man

Weapon:Flame Shower
Endurance: 8.2
Intellegence: 5
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 6

Created by the blue prints of a new robotic army which uses torch-like ablities. Quint had instead created a Robot Master for it. Although the robot looks like a giant stove, his abilities prove pretty useful in Quint's army. Konro Man's sack of tricks include his Flame Shower, which summons hundreds of small fireballs, raging down on his helpless victom. Konro Man can also ignite himself in flames causing a small shield to protect him from attacks. However, this shield is fairly weak against water/ice type weapons. He lacks agility, but makes it up with outstanding Endurance.

MOTTO: "I burn, therefore I am."

My weapon is far more fearish than my name.#DMN003 AirCon Man

Weapon:Barrier Wind
Endurance: 7.5
Intellegence: 5
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 4

The funny thing is, AirCon is abbrevated for AIR CONDITIONER MAN. You'd think with a name like that, he'd be worth something. Not the case here. He maybe the weakest robot in Quint's Army. Big, slow, and predictible AirCon Man has very limited ways to deal with his adversaries. His dreaded Barrier Wind can freeze his opponents instantly. He's also armed with large fan blades which can blow his opponents back. The fan blades are also used to protect the fan in his chest from harm. If it gets damaged, his battle skill lowers even more. Though a skilled warrior, he tends to be a push over.

MOTTO: "My weapon is far more fearish than my name."

I fight through the old, deadly arts.#DMN004 Komunu Man

Weapon:Doppel Crash
Endurance: 7.8
Intellegence: 6
Speed: 6
Battle Skill: 7

Komunu Man's battle technique is based from ancient times. Though old, it's very effective. His Doppel Crash can knock just about anything or anyone out of commission, and quickly. That and Komunu Man will keep attacking without breaking for air. His staff is extendable and can reach far distances. Smart and lethal, Komunu Man proves to be a very worthy adversary. Coming from a line of monks, he prefers to travel alone rather than in a group.

MOTTO: "I fight through the old, deadly arts"

Time Doesn't wait for anyone.#DMN005 Clock Man

Weapon:Time Switch
Endurance: 8.9
Intellegence: 5
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 5

Armed with the Time Switch, and the ability to split into two fighting robots, Clock Man a force to be reckoned with. Clock Man can make various leeps into Time strains and using Time Switch he makes Time itself stop, go faster, or slower. Though is battle skill is average, many opponents fear fighting one on one with him. He always splits into two, outnumbering his opponent, and striking at the right opportunites. Against more intellegent robots, you'll see Clock Man usually sticks to the same battle strategies, which can end his reigh of terrior quickly. When together, both Clockmen act like little children.

MOTTO: "Time doesn't wait for anyone."

I never get lost.#DMN006 Compass Man

Weapon:Magnetic Charge
Endurance: 6.9
Intellegence: 5
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 5

Extremely Agile, and armed with the Deadly Magnetic Charge, Compass Man seems outmatched. His Magnetic Charge can be charged up for more damage, but he leaves himself open to attack while doing this. Since Compass Man really hasn't developed any other kind of manuver, he's an average fighter. His agility makes him a little more unpredictable and is one of the few robots who can fight at close range and long range. His Compass Shield that surrounds his body can deflect blows, but he's still relitivly vulnerable.

MOTTO: "I never get lost"

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