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THE MEGA MAN STORY(as amplified from the manual): It's Mega Man versus the powerful leaders and fighting forces of Monsteropolis-that strange mulit-faceted land of robot-like Humanoids.

Brilliant scientist Dr. Tomas Xavier Light conceived the construction of fully-operational human-like experimental robots to perform specific everyday duties. Dr. Light and his assistant Dr. Albert Wily, encouraged with their very first near human robot-Mega Man- proceeded to develop seven additional Androids, all programmed to perform prescribed rituals: Roll:A house keeping robot, Cut Man: A Timber Feller, Guts Man:A construction robot, Ice Man: extreme climate worker, Bomb Man: Heavy duty laborer, Fire Man:Waste disposal robot, and Elec Man:A Electrical Operations conductor.

But, with the exception of Mega Man and Roll, all of Dr. Light's near-human robot experimentation went awry. Assistant Dr. Wily turned disloyal, reprogramming Dr. Light's Humanoids, now bent on destroying opposition so Dr. Wily could control the world and it's resources.

Resisting reprogramming, Mega Man is chosen and rebuilt to be the defender of the universe and its inhabitants. Mega Man dares to single-handedly penetrate the seven separate empires of Monsteropolis, eliminating the leader and followers of these sovereignties.

Freedom is earned, not granted.#000 Proto Man:

Weapon: Plasma Cannon
Endurance: 5.0
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 8

Built before Mega Man by Dr. Light, Proto Man is a mysterious individual. Not even Dr. Light himself understands his thinking pattern, but in reality, Proto Man is simply looking for a purpose for his existence. He does not have much respect for anyone, which makes him an enemy of the most part. His main weapon is a plasma cannon very similar to Mega Man's and he also carries a shield impervious to most weapons. Proto Man is believed to have a secret hideout somewhere, but no one knows its location. Due to his nature as a prototype, the energy that gives him his artificial intelligence is malfunctioning causing him great pain and eventual death. However, he will not allow himself to be repaired for that would cause an end to his freewill.

MOTTO: "Freedom is earned, not Granted."
Sprite Sheet of Proto Man
Proto Man in the Mega Man cartoon

Justice must prevail#DRN001 Mega Man:

Weapon: Mega Buster
Endurance: 5.0
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 8

Mega Man's dedication to upholding the law makes him a pretty serious robot. But what he lacks in personality he makes up with sheer battle skill. He can incorporate and use any weapon or special ability from a defeated Robot Master, and his experience in combat is unequaled. Mega Man is not known for any specific weakness: Only Elec Man's Thunder Beam has been able to severely damage him.

MOTTO: "Justice Must Prevail"

Mega Man in Mega Manga
Sprite Sheet of Mega Man
Mega Man in the Mega Man cartoon

Has anyone seen my vacuum cleaner?#DRN002 Roll:

Weapon: N/A
Endurance: N/A
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 4
Battle Skill: 2

Roll is Dr. Light's housekeeping robot, Unlike her brother Rock(who became the hero robot Mega Man), she is joyful and free-spirited. She can't help worrying about Mega Man when he goes on his missions to counter Dr. Wily. Roll does not possess any combat ability, nor powers; however, she does share a secret friendship with Proto Man, which not even Dr. Light knows of.

MOTTO: "Has anyone seen my vacuum cleaner?"

Roll in the Mega Man cartoon
Roll in Battle and Chase
Roll in Mega Manga

If you can't break it, cut it!#DRN003 Cut Man:

Weapon: Rolling Cutter
Endurance: 7.1
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 5

Ever since Dr. Wily reprogrammed Cut Man to obey him, this robot has been in a constant bad mood. He only finds contentment in battle, so all he thinks and talks about is destroying Mega Man once and for all. Even his robot allies find him hard to work with because of his stubbornness. Cut Man's Rolling Cutter is made from a strong metal that can cut through almost anything, but its poor aerodynamic design slows it down when thrown at a target.

MOTTO: "If you can't break it, cut it."

Cut Man in Mega Manga
Spritesheet of Cut Man

It takes guts to take me on!#DRN004 Guts Man:

Weapon: Super Arm
Endurance: 7.6
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 3
Battle Skill: 5

Guts Man is one of the strongest robots around. He can lift and carry an entire house with little difficulty, but his slow reflexes make him an easy target to attacks. His intelligence is limited, but when he gets mad, Guts Man becomes totally unstoppable; even Mega Man admits to be fearful of this towering robot.

MOTTO: "It takes guts to take me on!"

Guts Man in Mega Manga
Spritesheet of Guts Man
Guts Man in the Mega Man cartoon

I'm a snowman with an attitude#DRN005 Ice Man:

Weapon: Ice Slasher
Endurance: 7.3
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 4
Battle Skill: 7

The Best Robot Master in the world!!! Just kidding...tee he.

One might expect Ice Man to avoid hot temperatures, but in reality he can operate in any environment, although his Ice Slasher freeze ray is not very effective under warm conditions. His favorite battle tactic is to turn floors to ice to keep the enemy off balance. Ice Man lacks agility, but his endurance and cunning are surprising. Unfortunately he is a bit immature and wines allot. He has a secret crush on Mega Man's sister Roll.

MOTTO: "I'm a snowman with an attitude!"

Ice Man in Mega Manga
Spritesheet of Ice Man
Ice Man in the Mega Man cartoon
Ice Man in Battle and Chase

Everyone knows I like to have a blast!#DRN006 Bomb Man:

Weapon: Hyper Bomb
Endurance: 8.4
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 6
Battle Skill: 5

Of all robots created by Dr. Light, Bomb Man is the one with the most stamina. He seems to almost take pleasure at blowing everything up using his bombs, especially opponents. He is strong and very resistant to attack, but he lacks combat strategy. As for personality, Bomb Man is a good team player, but he has the troublesome habit of misunderstanding Dr. Wily's orders.

MOTTO: "Everyone knows I like to have a blast!"

Bomb Man in Mega Manga
Bomb Man in the Mega Man cartoon

Fire is the ultimate weapon.#DRN007 Fire Man:

Weapon: Fire Storm
Endurance: 8.4
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 7
Battle Skill: 6

One thing Fire Man surely never will be is a philosopher: Although he has an average IQ, his notion of purpose is simply to serve his master, and nothing more. The sheer power of his Fire Storm is enough to pulverize an entire forest, and his relentless pattern of attack makes him a very tough enemy to beat. Ironic that such a powerful weapon has been given to a waste disposal robot. Fire Man's weakness is his lack of agility and bad temper.

MOTTO: "Fire is the ultimate weapon!"

Fire Man in Mega Manga
Fire Man in the Mega Man cartoon

My battle skill is...electrifying!#DRN008 Elec Man:

Weapon: Thunder Beam
Endurance: 7.3
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 7
Battle Skill: 7

Elec Man became the most ruthless of all Robot Masters ever since he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily His Thunder Beam is extremely powerful, and his speed, accuracy, and endurance make him a natural fighter. His only weakness is his overbearing ego: Once he starts to fight, he's so sure to win that he gives little attention to the damage he receives from his opponent(namely Mega Man), which is usually a fatal mistake.

MOTTO: "My battle electrifying!"

Elec Man in Mega Manga
Elec Man in the Mega Man cartoon

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