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STORY(Dr Wily returns for a rematch):He's back! And this time the evil Dr. Wily (once the supreme power in the universe) has created even more sinister robots to mount his attack. Like the awesome atomic power of Heat Man! and the speed and agility of Quick Man. And let's not forget the sharp reflexes of Metal Man. But as Mega Man, you've also grown in power and ability. Can you save mankind from the evil desires of Dr. Wily?

Each of the eight empires is ruled by a different Robot Master. You must defeat each enemy on his own turf, building up weapons as you go. Only after all are destroyed will you go head-on with the mastermind himself, the evil Dr. Wily. But be alert, Mega Man, Dr. Wily has powers his creations did not!

Civilization relies on your skill and courage-confident that you, Mega Man, will stand tall in the end!

Nothing matches the sharpness of my blade.#DWN009 Metal Man

Weapon:Metal Blade
Endurance: 7.0
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 6
Battle Skill: 5

Equipped with saw blades that can cut through virtually anything, Metal Man is one of the most agile warriors around. He has the ability to jump very high, and aim his blades with very high precision. He prefers to work alone when executing Dr. Wily's assignments, since he is highly-self confident and also has little trust in his robot allies. Metal Man is too stubborn to admit he's outmatched by an enemy.

MOTTO: "Nothing can match the sharpness of my blade."

Metal Man in Mega Manga
Metal Man in the Mega Man cartoon

If you stand in my way...I shall blow you away.#DWN010 Air Man

Weapon: Air Shooter
Endurance: 7.0
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 4
Battle Skill: 5

Reckless and impatient, Air Man considers any enemy to be just an obstacle he can blow out of his way, so Air Man's battle style is simply to stand in one place and let his tornadoes do all the work. Air Man's greatest weapon is also his greatest weakness: If any hard object hits his body fan, the fan blades can be severely damaged, leaving Air Man defenseless.

MOTTO: "If you stand in my way...I shall blow you away!"

Air Man in Mega Manga

Give me trouble, I'll give you bubbles!#DWN011 Bubble Man

Weapon: Bubble Lead
Endurance: 8.2
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 3
Battle Skill: 5

Bubble Man's special design forces allow him to stay underwater at all times, so DR Wily only needs him for underwater missions. This doesn't bother him as he has a deep spirit and personality. Unfortunately, this robot master likes to spend money too much. He can produce big bubbles made of a heavy lead composite, which gives the bubbles incredible crushing power. He's pretty slow underwater, even more in combat: To produce Bubble Leads, he has to stand still.

MOTTO: "Give me trouble, I'll give you bubbles."

Bubble Man in Mega Manga

Speed is what makes life interesting.#DWN012 Quick Man

Weapon: Quick Boomerang
Endurance: 6.0
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 9
Battle Skill: 7

Elecman was the base for this efficient robot. Quick Man is the fastest robot of all, and his blazing speed gives him the edge in most combat situations. The only way to deal with his berserk battle style is to use a powerful weapon with a wide angle of attack. But even with his speed, Quick Man never underestimates an opponent; he will even flee if he finds himself at a disadvantage.

MOTTO: "Speed is what makes life interesting."

Quick Man in Mega Manga
Quick Man in Battle and Chase

Mind if I crash your party?#DWN013 Crash Man

Weapon: Crash Bomb
Endurance: 7.2
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 6
Battle Skill: 6

If there's a robot that knows how to have a good time, it's Crash Man. His joyful attitude and stamina make him an above-average warrior, and he views each battle as a game that he can't lose. His Crash Bombs contain a very volatile liquid explosive that blows away anything the bomb clings itself onto. Crash Man often gets carried away, especially during combat, and he sometimes fails to notice other dangers that can threaten him.

MOTTO: "Do you mind if I crash your party?"

Crash Man in Mega Manga
Spritesheet of Crash Man
Crash Man in the Mega Man cartoon

Time is always on my side.#DWN014 Flash Man

Weapon: Time Stopper
Endurance: 6.4
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 5

Flash Man's perverted nature gives him a bad reputation among his fellow robots. He abuses his power to stop time to get a glimpse of girls in the shower. He is equipped with a plasma shooter, and his Time Stopper creates localized stretches in the space-time continuum, which leaves opponents vulnerable while trapped in these time strains. Flash Man only follows orders when they suit his mood, but he never backs down from a fight, especially with Mega Man.

MOTTO: "For he who controls time, controls the future."

Flash Man in Mega Manga

No one can beat the power of the atom.DWN#015 Heat Man

Weapon: Atomic Fire
Endurance: 7.6
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 6

Powered by a miniaturized atomic reactor, Heat Man is a very dangerous robot, because his reactor can overheat and explode like an atomic bomb! For that reason, DR Wily usually keeps him deactivated. Heat Man uses his atomic power to erect walls of flames, or to turn himself into a soaring fireball. He has a pretty mellow pace even for fighting and this works against him.

MOTTO: "No one can beat the power of the atom!"

Heat Man in Mega Manga
Spritesheet of Heat Man

Nature is as artificial as I am.#DWN016 Wood Man

Weapon: Leaf Shield
Endurance: 7.0
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 4
Battle Skill: 5

Wood Man is by definition a forest lover, but strangely enough. He is very protective of nature and would be a great Planeteer if he wasn't busy fighting Megaman. His Leaf Shield is a good weapon, offensively and defensively, but Wood Man is somewhat vulnerable without it.

MOTTO: "This is nature's power!"

Wood Man in Mega Manga
Spritesheet of Wood Man

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