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STORY(Russian Robots on the Rampage!):For a year the city has been quiet, but a new robotic terror has gripped the city! That scheming scientist Dr. Cossack has arrived in town with eight new Robot Masters who are bigger and badder than anything Dr. Wily ever dreamed of. It's going to be a cybernetic showdown as the streets of the city erupt with the sizzling sounds of molten metal!

Armed with the new Mega Buster, Mega Man runs, jumps and dodges his way through mazes of metallic terror on his way to the Siberian citadel of Dr. Cossack for the final cataclysmic Clash!

But wait!? Dr. Cossack innocent?! It seems that vile scientist Dr. Wily has brainwashed Cossack to do his bidding. After stopping Cossack, Dr. Wily retreats to his fortress with Cossack's Robot Masters at his disposal. The great Mega Man must follow him and destroy him once and for all!

I take care of my enemies in a flash!#DCN025 Bright Man:

Weapon: Flash Stopper
Endurance: 8.4
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 6
Battle Skill 7

He looks like an overgrown light bulb, yet Bright Man is one of Cossack's more powerful creations.. He is equipped with a powerful plasma weapon, and a battle-logic circuit in his head enhances his battle skill. His Flash Stopper creates a time distortion field that can freeze opponents, leaving them wide open to attack. In his spare time, Bright Man enjoys coming up with inventions and

MOTTO: "I take care of my enemies in a flash!"

Bright Man in the Mega Man cartoon

The sun does not shine long for those who defy me.#DCN026 Pharaoh Man:

Weapon: Pharaoh Shot, Pharaoh Wave
Endurance: 7.9
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 7
Battle Skill: 6

Pharaoh Man has noble qualities and is seen as the leader of Cossack's Creations. Unfortunately he's weak minded among women and is often distracted by this. When battling him, Pharaoh Man uses his powerful weapon, the Pharaoh Shot and his incredible speed to overwhelm his enemies. A recent upgrade allows him to use a wave of fire on both sides for an even more deadly attack.

MOTTO: "The sun does not shine long for those who defy me."

Pharaoh Man in Mega Manga
Pharaoh Man in the Mega Man cartoon

You can run, but you can't drill.#DCN027 Drill Man:

Weapon: Drill Bomb
Endurance: 8.5
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 7

Equipped with a wide array of sensors, Drill Man can drill underground and still keep track of anything on the surface, which gives him a remarkable advantage in battle. Dr Wily often uses Drill Man in missions that require him to dig holes or tunnels. However, Drill Man's eargarness and unwillingness to follow plans makes him unreliable. His Drill Bombs can penetrate and obliterate any obstacle, including enemies. Drill Man has the annoying habit of digging holes that cave in on him.

MOTTO: "You can run, but you can't drill."

Drill Man in the Mega Man cartoon

I'll run rings around you!#DCN028 Ring Man:

Weapon:Ring Boomerang
Endurance: 8.2
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 6
Battle Skill: 6

Ringman was created under Wily's direction to defeat Mega Man. Using his rings, he can shoot with great accuracy. However, he is too self-confident and that leads him to make mistakes. After Wily's defeat, Ringman became the chief of police.

MOTTO: "I'll run rings around you!"

Ring Man in the Mega Man cartoon

Rain does not always bring life#DCN029 Toad Man:

Weapon: Rain Flush
Endurance: 8.5
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 4

Contrary to most expectations, Toad Man is not a nature lover, or a fighter. He feels at home in dark and dank places, where he can find solitude. However, he likes other swamp-related robots such as Snakeman and the Rattalls. His main weapon is the Rain Flush, which creates acid drops that come down in the form of rain. Because his Rain Flush works better in open spaces, Toad Man is vulnerable if trapped in a closed area during battle.

MOTTO: "Rain does not always bring life."

Don't mess with me, 'cause I play dirty!#DCN030 Dust Man:

Weapon: Dust Crusher
Endurance: 8.5
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 5

Dust Man loves to clean places. He uses his vacuum power to suck up dirt with greater efficiency than any household cleaning robot prior! When converted to battle mode, he uses his power to super compact this dirt into his Dust Crusher attack. His favorite battle tactic is to hide in a pile of junk and surprise his opponents.

MOTTO: "Don't mess with me, 'cause I play dirty."

Dust Man Man in Mega Manga
Spritesheet of Dust Man

Take a dive with me and I'll show you my torpedoes.#DCN031 Dive Man:

Weapon: Dive Missile
Endurance: 8.3
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 6
Battle Skill: 6

Dive Man is maybe the most obnoxious individual around: He truly gets on everybody else's nerves with his dull wisecracks, and other stupid remarks. He can ram opponents like a torpedo, or use his heat-seeking Dive Missiles during combat. However, because he relies solely on the power of his torpedo ram and Dive Missiles, Dive Man is just an average fighter, and can easily get into more trouble than he bargained for. He has an extreme dislike of Pirate Man.

MOTTO: "Take a dive with me, and I'll show you my torpedoes."

Dive Man in Mega Manga

I'm b-b-b-bad to the bone!#DCN032 Skull Man:

Weapon: Skull Barrier
Endurance: 8.7
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 5

A vulgar robot that knows only war and battle. He uses his Skull Barrier as a balance for his powerful fighting abilities. Unfortunately, he is not a tactician and frequently plans out his attacks poorly causing his defeats.

MOTTO: "I'm b-b-b bad to the bone!"

Skull Man in Mega Manga

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