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The Lost Creations

MMPC1 - The super computer Crorq has been corrupted and with it, all the industrial robots of the world. Mega Man must face down the renegade computer and whomever caused this destruction to save Monsteropolis!

MMPC3 - Someone has revived the renegade computer Crorq and this time six labaroids have gone haywire!

The character descriptions here are in fact from my own imagination and I made it up to keep the characters fitting into the current Mega Man story line. I want to thank Gauntlet for all the info he's provided and all the artwork he sent me for these characters. I consider him the Robot Master PC KING.

Sure, I'm fast, but I'm also deadly.#PCN001 Sonic Man

Weapon:Sonic Wave
Endurance: 7.4
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 6
Battle Skill: 5

Sonic Man was created as a deep sea robot using his sonics to find treasure and lost ships. Sonic Man is well known for his prattle and yacking. He will brag to his robot allies on some of his greatest accomplishments and victories. Yes, he is fast, and agile, but in reality he's not the best warrior. Dr. Wily built Sonic Man unique on being able to fight in water and as well as land. And this gave Sonic Man the tendency to yap about how well designed he is.

MOTTO: "Sure I'm fast! But I'm also deadly!"

I strike like thunder, and my attacks are shocking!#PCN002 Volt Man

Weapon:Force Field
Endurance: 7.5
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 7

Before Crorq's reprogramming, Volt Man was a power regulating robot who worked at a power station regulating electricity to the city. After his reprograming, he became one of Wily's favorite henchmen. Considering he was completely loyal to the evil scientist and always obeyed his every order. In fact Wily put Volt Man in charge of many operation assignments and he always got the job done. Volt Man is armed with high intensity orbs that can absorb a great amount of electricity and send it out to attack.

MOTTO: "I strike like thunder, and my attacks are shocking!"

I always enjoy the sweet smell of explosives in the morning.#PCN003 Dyna Man

Weapon:Nuclear Detonator
Endurance: 7.2
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 4
Battle Skill: 5

Short for DynaMITE Man, Dyna Man was a demolition robot using powerful explosives in his duties. Dyna Man is a big hulking robot who can strike with deadly explosives. Dyna Man wasn't programed with much smarts, so sometimes he can get into trouble other robots could easily avoid. Dyna Man was a strong opponent, and his Nuclear Detonators packed a whollip,but they have limited range.

MOTTO: "I always enjoy the sweet smell of explosives in the morning"

Can you feel the burn!?.#PCN004 Torch Man

Weapon:Torch Arm
Endurance: 7.7
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 6
Battle Skill: 6

Based on Magnet Man, Torch Man was originally a robot designed to weld sewer pipes and other problems in Megalopoli's suburbs, when he went renegade he threatened many innocent lives. Torch Man's Torch arm is not as strong as Fireman's Fire Storm, however he uses it fiercely in battle. Unfortunately things turned for the worst when Torch Man started going out of control with his abilities. Torch Man had programmed him with "too" much confidence and an overbearing ego.

MOTTO: "Can you feel the burn!?"

A good bit equals a good attack.#PCN005 Bit Man

Weapon:Bit Cannon
Endurance: 7.1
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 5

Bit Man is a multi purpose robot built for heavy labor AND to provide power to remote locations. Based on the design of Sparkman, Hardman, AND Crashman, this industrial robot is one of the most versatile creations ever. Bit Man has a tough attitude and when his long range electric attacks fail, he won't hesitate to use brute force to destroy his opponent.

MOTTO: "A byte maybe stronger than a bit, but I'm stronger than you!"

My weapon is worse than my bite.#PCN006 Shark Man

Weapon:Shark Boomerang
Endurance: 7.9
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 6
Battle Skill: 7

With a very savage personality and a lethal attitude to match Shark Man became the most obnoxious fighter on Dr. Wily's Fighting Team. . Dr. Wily however enjoyed watching Shark Man fight and constantly kept him on the battle assault. Shark Man is armed with a small wrench-like weapon which he calls his Boomerang. Shark Man also calls upon his powers which usually is water based. Originally a deep sea salvage robot, Shark Man would search for anything of worth on sunken ships. Shark Man's design was based on Gemini Man and Snake Man. Shark Man gets along famously with Pirate Man and the two enjoy terrorizing the seven seas.

MOTTO: "My weapon is worse than my bite!"

Nobody ever makes it out of my swimming pool.#PCN007 Wave Man (Water Man)

Weapon:Water Shooter
Endurance: 6.7
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 5

Based on the designs of Air Man, Wave Man was made as an emergency firefighting robot. Using his water Shooter, he can douse a large area and rescue civilians if needed. This Wave Man was the basis for the Wave Man Wily used in Mega Man 5, even if they act very different. This makes Wave Man very competitive with his later model. After the new Wave Man was released, people began calling this robot "Water Man" although he resents this. Wave Man is armed with a high-pressure water weapons on his chest, and a under water sonar beam, which he used with efficiency in battle, but his agility was a terrible lack.

MOTTO: "Nobody ever makes it out of my swimming pool."

A little Battery Acid is all I need to make my enemies skin crawl.#PCN008 Oil Man

Weapon:Oil Stream
Endurance: 7.1
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 5
Battle Skill: 7

Based on Flash Man, Oil Man was created as an oil purification robot, Oil Man can retain large quantities of fine quality oil within his system. His Oil Stream is actually a carefully calibrated oil mixture which can screw up a robot's mechanics! Since Oil Man enjoys taking charge of his own assignments, Dr. Wily appointed him leader on some missions. On one mission; however, Oil Man never returned, and for some reason he vanishes without a trace. Betrayal? Lost? Destroyed? Oil Man became never heard from again, and to this day Wily still tries to locate him.

MOTTO: "A little Battery Acid is all I need to make my enemies skin crawl."

The next thing you hear will be me ripping you to shreads.#PCN009 Blade Man

Weapon:Blade Launcher
Endurance: 8.1
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 7
Battle Skill: 6

Blade man was a fish gutting robot before he was reprogramed. Blade Man is a skilled fighter and his lightning fast reflexes made him a very slick and agile warrior. Blade Man's most powerful weapon is his Blade Launcher which can slice through virtually anything, he could also use it to counterattack projectile weapons. Blade Man sees himself as a rebel and loved to challenge authority. Based on Metal Man's designs, the two actually share a friendship and along Punk, hope to start a rock band.

MOTTO: "The next thing you hear will be me ripping you to shreds."

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