Mega Man Trilogy

don't be pointing your mouse at me!Ice: Get this. I've had this idea rolling around in my head for nearly 2 years. Only thing stopping me from putting it on my site is people thinking I'm actually going to push myself to make this game...but I'm not! I simply don't have the time, or the skills to create such a mad game! Namely I'm putting this here because I love the idea, and I would like to share it all with you! Now onto the game!

The game is called Mega Man Trilogy, and it basically stars almost every Robot Master from all the games. Including Star Droids, Wily Guards, Wily Wars, and countless others. Read on to find out more about this game.

STORY: The Stardroids have teamed up with Dr Wily to seize control of the world. Each Plantetary villian has taken certain areas of the world hostage and will attack any intruder. Each Star Droid has a nuclear warp device that will transfer important information and resources to their home planet.

The call has gone out to Rockman to attack the invading aliens and to bring Dr. Wily down once and for all. But to access the Star Droid's secret locations, Rockman must uncover the special chips to blow away the competition. This is the last Rockman adventure...but surly will be the best!

*Fight Robot Masters from the past to claim their cards and the special chips needed to locate the Star Droid of that stage.

*You can play as Forte, Rockman, and Blues. Though Forte and Blues only get side adventures.

*Get new upgrades and new abilties as you explore your way through Rockman Trilogy!

*This game marks the end of the Orignal series and the start of the X series!

GAME NEWS: Game Genra: RPG, Adventure. The Game is set up with 10 stages, including an Intro Stage and of course Dr. Wily's stages. Each stage contains hidden items, along with puzzles and brain boggling games. Also in each stage hidden Robot Masters are found. You must find and defeat each Robot Master to gain a collectors card of them. And if you defeat them all you'll get a "Chip Key" which allows you to take on the boss of that stage, which is a Star Droid. After beating the Stardroid of that stage, you'll get the actual Chip which will allow you to venture farther into Dr. Wily's castle. Plus you gain a new ability with each Chip. Take the chip to Dr. Light and he'll give you a unique upgrade!

The Collectors Cards will give you a unqiue ending. Finding more and more cards will access you to an awesome ending!


You start off with the Intro Stage before you head on over to the Stage Select. You can find Rush, Beat, Eddie, and Tango Adaptors lying about during the stage, but you kinda have to search for them. If you don't find them, don't threat. You can get them at Dr. Light's Shop and he'll make them with the correct number of chips...that is. This stage will be the tester stage. It'll teach you the basics of looking for stuff, and trying outragious things to do it. You can come back to this stage later on for practice if the latter stages give you problems. Each Stage below will be explained in detail along with the Robot Masters you fight there. Look below.

STAGE SELECT: After completing the Intro Stage and claiming Sniper Joe's "Castle Chip", (which accesses a part in Dr. Wily's castle later) you can select other stages to collect more chips and get further into the game. Remember to collect chips, you must find the hidden Robot Masters in each stage and defeat them in battle. Don't worry. A number of remaining Robot Masters patroling that peticular stage will appear on the screen. Also note that each Robot Master you beat you'll get a collectors card on that Robot. But you must beat all the Robot Masters in that stage to gain access to the "Star Droid" and claim the chip.

The first stage in the game. Though relitivly easy, some compents are tricky. There are no hidden bosses in this just fight your way though it and hope for the best. The boss is a flying Sniper Joe...though he's rough to bring down, a few planned out Mega Buster shots should finish him!

This is by far the easiest stage out of the essentail 10 stages. The stage offers several buildings in which you have to navigate. And run down a maze of streets, in all, the stage is fairly simple. And if you can locate all nine of the Robot Masters and defeat them, you'll get the City Chip Key which will allow you to take on Jupiter at the end. After defeating Jupiter , the City Chip will work for a section in Dr. Wily's Castle!

This rocky stage is rather smaller than the other stages, but that doesn't mean there aren't as many secrets. This stage has many hidden items and treasures, and you must explore throughtly to find them. The Mountain Region is also known for its hoard of enemies. Watch them since this stage is fairly tricky. There are only 8 robots in this area, and some are hard to find. But keep up your wits. In this stage you can collect the Map Icon which will allow you to locate the Robot Masters a bit easier. You can buy this icon in Dr. Light's lab...but it's better to just find it for free eh? And if you beat Uranus at the end, you get the Mountain Chip.

This stage is very challenging. Almost anything here will hurt you. From the small circuit breakers, to the small electric wires flinging from the ceiling. Nothing here seems to be dormant. And there are nearly 9 Robot Masters here! Finding them here can be tricky since the Power Plant is fairly huge, and the floor elevators can drop you or raise you at anytime, making the navigation a bit difficult. If you manage to get the Lightning Chip Key then you can by pass the locked gate at the top floor of the Power Plant to reach Venus.

This area can be really tricky if you hate to slip on the iced over surface. And there's a lot of territory to cover here. Even though the area is big, you can cover a lot of territory really quickly here since the area keeps you on your toes. Lots of secrets are tucked away in ice on this course, And sometimes only fast paced movements will reward you with finding a Robot Master here.When you claim the Ice Chip Key, you can fight Pluto at the end of the stage.

Eight Robot Masters and lots of action await you here on the Space Station Stage. This stage requires constant movement. And you can even ride on a Space Shuttle to the Moon, and back to the Space Station. A lot of people enjoy this stage because of all the territory you can cover, and while it's fun to explore, it's hard to find some of the Robot Masters that hide out here. And when you finally do claim the Space Chip, Dark Moon will surly give you a rough battle.

Hope you don't get air sick. Cause you'll be flying high in the sky in this stage. And this one is most likely the most difficult stage to complete! It'll require lots of timed jumps and strategies to defeat Terra and snag the Cloud Chip. And the Robot Masters here don't show any mercy. The high elevation, the tricky jumps, and the difficult Robot Masters make this stage one of the hardest!

Though the local sea life really bites here, you will find this stage to be rather mellow. Not many enemies patrol this area, but the Lagoon is perhapes the largest stage. You'll find lots of stuff to do here. And I hope you enjoy getting wet. The Water Chip will be your reward if you survive long enough, though Neptune won't let you have it so easily!

This stage is one heck of a (censored)! Mostly cause almost any turn can lead to danger here! And it's easy to get lost in these forbidden woods, and all kinds of enemies will make sure you'll never make it out alive. Careful navigation and smart manuvering will eventually lead you to destroying the Robot Masters and Mars at the end. Also defeating Mars will land you the "Forest Chip".

One of the more unique stages, you'll find all kinds of different enviroments here. From an old dusted down castle to a grave yard. The Ghost Chip will indeed be your prize if you survive the stage and a deatly match with Mercury in the end. Expect almost anything in this stage. And the Robot Masters patroling this stage will surly make sure your visit doesn't go without some entertainment. SKULL CASTLE:
Venture to Skull Castle...the most difficult Stage yet. Depending on how many Chips you've collected, you can venture far into the stage. You can go into Skull Castle early and find more hidden bosses, but the more Chips you collect the farther you can go into the castle to find more stuff! Only after collecting all the Chips will allow you to face off against the vile Dr. Wily!

"1" stage(s) have been opened for you to browse through.

Each stage should offer you good advice. Read carefully on how to reach the Robot Masters, and all the Hidden Items before you tackle the Star Droid ruling the stage!