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Greetings, I am Dr. Thomas Xavior Light. I will be your instructor for this course. Thanks for choosing Sinister Six 101. There is lots to do here. But for now this class is just begining so there's not much up yet for you to access. There will be a On-line Database for you to explore the Six, and yes, there will be quizzes and projects for you to do. Also Triva and Facts will be added, so it's best to bring some paper and a number two pencil. It's wise to take notes. So without further do, here's Sinister Six 101!

Update: 04/19/2001 The first quiz has been put up below. Good luck with your quiz...and NO Cheating! More quizzes will be put up in the future, so study well about the Sinister Six!

A class has finnally opened for you to browse through. It's below under the Lectures Section! A Robot Master will introduce each class or lecture to you. So check it out, I may ask a quiz question pertaining to that class. Learn well my students.


Come on inLecture #1: Drivers Ed

Facts and Triva

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Quiz #1

Quiz #2


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