How did the Sinister Six become so Sinister?

Who are the Sinister Six outside all of those cartoons, comics, books, video games, and tons of other nameless merchandise? Well, like everyone would probably predict, the "real" Sinister Six are human, like you, me, and the crazy teacher who you could of sworn was from the Planet Jupiter. This section introduces you to the six, and how they formed the famous team that is known as "The Sinister Six".

As quoted from Tim himself "It all started at Indian Woods Middle School in Kansas City, Kansas. In the year 1993, Tim started a trend the world shall never forget. He started a Mega Man Club, and mainly a unique one. One where they could get create a story based on the characters from the 1987 hit "Mega Man 1". In Tim's Statement "Mega Man 1 is the most important saga in the Mega Man Trilogy, since it shows the birth of the Major Characters, and the six are the first of a 8 chapter saga, which still continues on." Scott, which also attended the school joined in an instant.
Thanks to Hons for the pic
Thanks to Hons for the pic
The duo continued to find recruits to join. And at the time, Tim's best friend Gary loved Mega Man as much as he did, but for some odd reason Gary didn't want to join. "He's to much of a loner. To shy, to independent. At the time, we thought he'd make the perfect Cut Man." Tim and Scott Quoted their soon to be future Ice Man.
But soon, their attempts at the club have been answered though an email message by Jason Howell, the perfect Cut Man fan. Tim and Scott were extremely happy to hear from their friend who lived in Canada. A foreign Mega Man fan! Soon they allowed Jason to join, and with that they started to get down to buisness. I was happy to hear about these guy's club. With my expertise in midi's and creating online art, we can take this team to the extra step! Jason said, and he became the online artist for the six. His talent was unsurpassed. Then they were three!
Thanks to Hons for the pic
As time progressed, The trio continued on their road way to stardom. Only at 14 years old Tim took charge of the group and managed it with professionalism, which made him the "leader" of the six in the stories. During the winter The trio meet along with Edward. At first they had no idea he liked Mega Man, but when they found out that he had a similar personality to Elec Man, they got him. He joined without question. And he became known as "The Guy with the Electric Personality". Happy with their progress, they called themselves "The Fantastic Four", from the Marvel Comics, cause they indeed felt fantastic.
Soon, Gary joined not to far after Eddie, and surprised everyone. Gary's "shy" nature has changed to something the six wouldn't expect. "The Crazy Little Blue Eskimo." Gary is now the "webmaster" of the group, his never ending creativity and optimism is an added plus. "He's got that energy that never dies out." Eddie once said about the blue eskimo. "Friend and forever comrad." Tim also quoted. And with that, they were five, but something was missing...
Thanks to Hons for the pic
Thanks to Hons for the pic
With Ice Man now added to the ranks, the five knew something was missing, and that was the flame shooting Fire Man. Luckily, Gary was friends with just the person. Soon the five met up with IRA. And soon they got to see his unremarkable comic drawing talent. "Probably the best Mega Man Artist I've seen." Quoted by Gary. A all around fun-loving guy, you could really get to know him." Quoted by Scott. And there you have it. The Sinister Six was born. All members from different parts of the world, all banned together to form a new, different group based on a single video game. A classic game handed down from generations to generations to come.

Other Mega Man Teams

Even with the Sinister Six Parade, other Mega Man teams are forming around the world all inspired by the Six themselves. Like the Mega Man 2 Dream Team, which is a group based from the game Mega Man 2 run by Flash Man (Johnny). These guys continued the saga after the Sinister Six's demise. Also be sure to check out Mega Man 4: Cossacks Creations which is run by Skull Man (Kirk), And lets not forget about The Insidious Six. The famous group from Rock Man and Forte.

Tim once quoted: We don't care if people copy us and create stories behind other Mega Man teams. Of course the world will know us as "The First Generation". We started a trend the people will never forget, something other inspiring artists can look up to. We are glad to help bring out other great Mega Man Teams, and with compassion, and self-determination, we will always have an edge over other groups.

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