The Megaman Community's insanity has been revealed

Greetings. I'm sure that some visitors have been wondering what we "Megaman" fans chat about when we are together online. Consider it a backstage pass, only to a bunch of loony people! Well, you'll be surprised on the weird stuff that goes on. Most of it is quite intresting and hilarous. And I think that it's good enough for a good laugh. So all you Sinister Six visitors are in for a real treat. When chats over AIM (AOL Instant Messager) get really insane or freaky, you can pretty much know that I'll save it for use on this page! And more than likely, there will be plenty more to come too! Also incase I miss a good chat, I'll have my fellow Megaman fans save them for this page as well. As you can see, this page will only be successful if me, and my fellow MM Buddies stay there idiotic, yet goofy selves! If they do, this page will always be updated with great, and funny stuff! Guarranted! (okay I mispelled that...)

Note: This page can be contributed by any other of the Megaman fans on AIM. If you find a chat worth a laugh, just send it my way, and I'll give ya credit. Remember, this is a team effort. Also remember, that this page may not be updated to often. And some chats may be replaced with newer ones. Each chat takes up a good 416 KB worth of space.


WARNING: These chats are very dangerous to those who have a weak appatite, and those who have a fear of closed spaces. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

Saved by Iceman
Date: ???
Description: A funny little chat worth reading.
Comments: Egoraptor's text may be hard to read.
Saved by Iceman
Date: September 07, 2000
Description: Probably the longest, but funniest chat I've saved yet. It's a ball! Far into the chat the crew get into a silly RPG!
Comments: Remember, this one runs kinda long.
Saved by Iceman
Date: November 02, 2000
Description: A funny chat where we play "Who Wants to be a millionare". Quite intertaining.
Comments: You have to "highlight" Slashman's text to see it.
Saved by Iceman
Date: November 20, 2000
Description: Just your usual funny chat
Saved by Iceman
Date: March 21, 1999
Description: A sparring match between me and a few friends, worth reading if you like spars.
Comments: This chat has a different type of humor, unlike the other ones.
Saved by Iceman
Date: April 17, 2002
Description: A really hilarous chat that happend just recently. It's worth reading all the way to the end. Even the ending is kinda funny.
Saved by Iceman
Date: ???
Description: A chat with Ryan
Saved by Gauntlet
Date: ???
Description: The Minja VS The Eskimo!

People's comments on this new section!!

Iceman: "As long as it doesn't give me a heart-attack, I'll definatly read 'em!"
Gringo: "It's finger-lickin good."
Jupiter: "Its pretty crawhoo-bolous"
Flameman: "Now if he'll just offer somethin to eat while we read it...."

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OTHER NOTES: A lot of this stuff isn't censored, so please be aware, there maybe a tad bit of swearing...